An Odd Comment

November 15, 2011
(How Iran persecutes its oldest religion | Vlad Tepes) Big Black Booty Porn says: (November 15, 2011 at 7:32 am) But it seems they can not get enough of the big black booty porn. This regime is also a big fan of that genre of porn. I have sent the Pres literally tons of the stuff. He can not get enough. My only worry is that when he is finished with it, he should spare a thought for those less fortunate than himself and sell it off to other fans for a cheap price. Also if he is really compassionate he should remember that his regime has chopped off the right hand of a lot of men who need that hand to jack off when viewing the gigantic black assess in the magazines. If the regime wants to get its compassionate face back it needs to go to the homes of these porn fans and help them to jack off. The pres himself should set an example by being the first to perform this compassionate jacking off duty for the black booty fans he has maimed for life.