Donkey goes Boom Boom

May 26, 2010

‘Palestinians’ detonated a donkey laden with 200 kilos on the Gaza border on Tuesday. No people were hurt (Hat Tip: Memeorandum).

In the past, PETA has been concerned about the use of animals to carry suicide bombs, although it was not concerned about the human casualties.

The picture at the top is donkeys, not zebras.  via


Striped Donkeys in GAZA makes ASSES out of Associate Press and the BBC

October 10, 2009
Video thumbnail. Click to playas reported by Daled Amos

“Leopards Can’t Change Their Spots–But In Gaza, Donkeys Can Change Their Stripes (Updated)Palestinian terrorists have had a soft spot for blowing up donkeys in an effort to kill Israelis. The most famous case was in 2003–when Arafat received a letter from PETA– and Tom Gross lists other times when donkeys were used to blow up Israelis.” also see