Will Porn Be Banned in Egypt? That Arab Spring is LIMP!

February 21, 2012

(Challah) @ Bikya Masr

Arab SexEgypt’s ultra-conservative al-Nour religious party said on its Facebook page on Monday that the party’s MP Younis Makhioun has put forward a request for an “urgent briefing” to ban pornography websites from the Internet in Egypt.
The request is expected to be discussed shortly in Egypt’s lower house.
The news saw praise and condemnation alike from Egyptians as many commentators showed support and urged for the ban to be passed, while others objected on the loss of personal freedoms.
Others feared that it would not stop at pornography sites, but would go on to crackdown on other websites conservatives believe go against their creed.
In 2011, Egypt landed in the number five spot globally in searching for “sex” online, joined by Algeria and Morocco also in the top 10, according to Google trends. Arabic language is used second only to English as the language of search choice for adult content online.

Some of those feminist leftists are going to be happy about this… they were the ones that pushed this Arab Spring. When the men start getting repressed and break into rape marathons… I doubt anyone will feel enlightened. Send in the pretty Western journalists to get groped in Tahrir Square again.