The Solution to the Israeli Housing Problem… DUH!

August 4, 2011
These guys get it. They really get it!

A group of ‘hilltop youth,’ the kids in their teens and 20’s who go around setting up ‘outposts’ as precursors to Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, have joined in the ‘housing crisis’ protests, setting up 15 tents on the corner of Allenby Road in central Tel Aviv. Their goal is to let the other protesters know that more building in Judea and Samaria is the answer to the ‘housing crisis.’

The hilltop youth, a group of young people who were born in the settlements and who belong to the extreme right [see what I mean about the news reading like an editorial page here? CiJ], appeared on Rothschild Boulevard wearing shirts with slogans such as “Tel Aviv is Jewish” and “Jews, let us be victorious.”
The activists planned to set up dozens of additional tents in the coming days.
Meir Butler, one of the hilltop youth leaders, told Haaretz, “We are here to say ‘yes’ to the social protests, but to also say that there is a solution.” The solution, he said, “is to build in Judea and Samaria.”
Earlier on Wednesday, approximately 200 right-wing activists marched from Habima Square, shouting, “No to bringing down the government, yes to solving the crisis.”
The activists also said they want a solution to the housing crisis and called on the government to lower the price of basic products by 20 percent. Extremist Baruch Marzel also came to Rothschild Boulevard and spoke to some of the protesters.
The organizations that took part in the right-wing march included Im Tirzu, Zo Artzenu, Yisrael Sheli, Bnei Akiva, Ra’ananim, The Committee of South Tel Aviv Neighborhoods, and Yesha council representatives.

Carl: And none of them are being supported by European governments. 

I’ve been criticized for not serving in the IDF, but I want to go to Israel right now and hang out with these kids in the photo. They make me proud! They are so right! Land for Piece isn’t just a bad military position. It also hurts people who need homes. The Jews can’t go elsewhere. These youth are my heroes. I wish I were half the man these kids are.