Hamas considers leaving Gaza government and concentrating more on terrorism

June 9, 2011

…Otherwise, it’s “a burden on its resistance enterprise”.

lick that political capital…
Islam is like an Asshole…
Promises of Golden
…and these ladies gave Sarah Palin such a hard time
…for leaving the government

Hamas is considering withdrawing its participation from future governments in Gaza, AP reported on Thursday.
Hamas officials told AP that the idea has grown popular recently and is supported by Hamas political leader Khaled Mashaal. The move is reportedly aimed at avoiding global isolation.
“Hamas found that being in government caused huge damage to the movement, and therefore it has changed its policy,” an official reportedly said. Therefore, “Hamas is re-evaluating its choices and and resetting its priorities,” And you thought Sarah Palin was naughty for leaving her post in Alaska so that she could make a run for national office. Admit it Lefty. Hamas lawmaker Yehya Mussa told AP. “Being in government was a burden on Hamas, a burden on the image of Hamas, a burden on its resistance enterprise.” JPost via eye-on-the-world.blogspot.com
and image via
telegraph.co.uk and via John Hanscom