Israeli Left Says If You Oppose Obama’s ‘Peace Plan’ You Are A Racist

May 27, 2011

Media_httppeacenoworg_beedwWhat is a dedicated leftist to do when he is unable to argue with a legitimate criticism of the president? What else, call him a racist (article in Hebrew).Putting aside the way Obama has treated Netanyahu in the past, the famous snub, leaving in the middle of closed door talks to have dinner; it is clear from the remarks made at the end of the press conference that Netanyahu was anything but rude. Israel is a sovereign nation and has the right to tell any other leader that the suggestion that it won’t commit national suicide at that world leader’s request. This is clearly an irrational approach to Oppenheimer who pulls the racism as well as the class card.

Yariv Oppenheimer is the Director of Peace Now, a radical leftist group that has relentlessly pushed for Israel to return to those very same indefensible borders as well as spear heading the attempt to demonize all Jews living on the wrong side of those borders. He has taken the Prime Minister to task for having the temerity to tell Mr. Obama in no uncertain words to butt out.

Evan Pokroy

26 May ’11

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. The Racer plague has come to Israel.

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