Chavez Sought Blessing from Munkatcher Rebbe in Exchange for Helping Yanky Ostreicher

May 14, 2012

(Gestetner Updates/ Hugo Chavez, the crazed South American leader who is struggling with cancer for more than a year now, sought a blessing from the Munkatcher Rebbe of Brooklyn.
chavezChavez himself did not visit the Rebbe, but a top Venezuela diplomat and lead Council official both slipped into the  Rebbe’s house a while ago asking that the  Rebbe  pray for Chavez’s well-being. The  Rebbe, in exchange, asked that Venezuela, one of a few countries to have full contact with Bolivia, should persuade Bolivia to free Yanky Ostreicher, the Jewish American businessman incarcerated there for almost a year now.
It is unclear if the diplomat and Council official channeled the message to Chavez.