Eichmann Trial Uploaded to YouTube

April 10, 2011
The cost of believing lies? Millions die.

…Now, he proceeded, he “would like to find peace with [his] former enemies“… …This outrageous cliché was no longer issued to them from above, it was a self-fabricated stock phrase, as devoid of reality as those clichés by which the people had lived for twelve years; and you could almost see what an “extraordinary sense of elation” it gave to the speaker the moment it popped out of his mouth. Eichmann’s mind was filled to the brim with such sentences.”

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(INN) The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial project has marked the passage of 50 years since the trial of  Adolf Eichmann by uploading footage of the entire trial to YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/EichmannTrialEN). Eichmann, one of the major planners of the Holocaust genocide, was put on trial in Israel in 1961, after having been captured by Israeli agents in Argentina.

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KGB Holocaust Files To Be Opened

March 20, 2011

In a modest ceremony, with no media presence, a trailblazing agreement was signed last month between Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Authority and the archives of the Ukrainian KGB. The agreement is expected to upgrade historical research on the fate of hundreds of thousands of Jews who were persecuted and murdered during the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. The Ukrainian security services will supply Yad Vashem with invaluable World War II documents, including lists of deported and murdered Jews, the minutes of meetings held by officials of the Ukrainian security forces following the liberation of the concentration and death camps, and information on the trials of those involved in killing Jews.
“This is a real breakthrough; it is a major event of outstanding importance,” Avner Shalev, chairman of the Yad Vashem directorate, told Haaretz.
In the next few months, the institution’s researchers will visit the archives in Kiev to begin photocopying documents. Afterward, back in Jerusalem, they will catalog and process them, in an attempt to identify as many names as possible of Jewish Holocaust victims. These names will be added to Yad Vashem’s database, which still lacks the names of some two million Jewish victims, most of them from Eastern Europe. Additionally, Yad Vashem is hopeful that the new documents will enable Holocaust researchers to retell the personal histories of other victims who up until now were identified only by a name.
“The new agreement,” explained Shalev, “is part of our efforts to dramatically increase our knowledge of the annihilation of the Jews of the Soviet Union during the Holocaust.”
….The opening of the archives in the former Soviet Union and the use of advanced software are enabling Yad Vashem to reconstruct family trees and to tell the stories of families whose existence was unknown up until now.

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Keeping a Jewish State as Jewish seen as Problem by Israeli Government

November 30, 2010

Jewish Rabbis were condemned by the international community for defending a Jewish Community from Intermarriage? Jews have to rent to non Jews in the only holy Jewish City on earth? What next? A Christmas tree for the Western Wall?

No one ever says a thing about Mecca where non Muslims are not even allowed to visit.

Weinstein: Criminal and disciplinary issues raised by state-employed rabbis’ statement about renting to non-Jews will be explored; Yad Vashem states rabbinic letters a “severe blow” to Jewish values.

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein on Thursday stated that his office would check if the behavior of state-employed rabbis, who signed a letter against renting to non-Jews, was “criminal.” via jpost.com

Weinstein’s comments came in a letter to Meretz MK Ilan Gilon who had called on the rabbis to be ousted from their positions.

53% of Israelis say Arabs should be encouraged to leave:

The poll showed that the more religious respondents were, the less they believed Arabs should have equal rights, with 33.5% of secular Jews opposing rights for Arabs, as opposed to 51% of traditional Jews, 65% of religious Jews, and 72% of haredim. In addition, 86% of Jewish Israelis believe that important decisions should be made by a Jewish majority.

The Israel Democracy Institute released the results of its Israeli Democracy Ranking and poll on Tuesday, revealing that 53 percent of Jewish Israelis say the government should encourage Arabs to emigrate from Israel, and only 51% believe Jews and Arabs should have equal rights.

this is what happens when you deny the limitations of a Democratic Republic. Republics are not meant to mix hostile people into Democracy. That is what borders are for.  The problem is that Democracy has become a buzz word for what is ethical.  Even the Greeks (for example Plato) understood that pure Democracy is tyranny.  More and more Jews are starting to realize that Rabbi Kahane was right.  What is ethical for both Jews and Muslims is separation.

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January 28, 2010

I find this very impressive news, though it suggests there’s still a ways to go before being really effective:

(IsraelNN.com) A growing number of Arab youths take part in the Holocaust Studies Program at Holocaust Museum Yad VaShem, according to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (MoITL). Most of these youths attend professional schools that are run by MoITL.
According to the ministry, a total of 3,800 eleventh grade students from MoITL schools are participating in the Holocaust Studies Program this year, and of these – about 1,500 are Arabs. Last year, the total number of MoITL school students who participated was about 3,200 and 1,300 of them were Arabs.
Arabs who participate in the studies have special problems with the subject matter, Birger said, including ignorance of basic Holocaust-related terms and mixed feelings including “suspiciousness toward other people’s suffering and social alienation toward Israeli society.”
The Holocaust studies program for Arabs therefore treats the Holocaust first as a universal event, and only later tells the personal stories of Jews who were murdered.

This brings up some challenging questions: do they teach clearly about the Arab/Islamic role in the Holocaust, such as that of Haj-Amin el-Husseini? Because if they don’t, that’s buckling to political correctness! No matter what their reaction is, they have to know if a member of their society committed an act of evil, and how they can learn to avoid and prevent those kind of things from happening in the future.

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