How Israeli lawyers stopped the second flotilla

July 12, 2011
Only one boat of all the flotilla vessels has managed to depart Greece: a Gilligan’s Island-style motor yacht with nine activists aboard. says David Frum at the National Post
(S.S. Minnow via Public Relations Web )
Sea Kayaking
…Activists were brought to court on charges of leaving port without a permit and obstructing the coast guard in the course of its duties. (Two of the activists had descended from the Tahrir in kayaks to interpose themselves between the coast guard vessel and the freighter.)  (Paddling at dusk … watching the sunset at the northern entrance to Santorini, Greece. Photograph: Jim Krawiecki) It is possible to paddle from one island to another, day after day and never have to “rough it”. Just make sure that you land on that idyllic sunset beach overlooked by a welcoming taverna with rooms for rent. Kayak Milos offers easy day trips from £50 to adventurous multi-day island-hopping expeditions to the famous collapsed volcanic caldera of Santorini from £540. Return flights to Athens from £240 Return ferries to Milos £80 via