Bill Clinton lied about Jonathan Pollard. His Reputation in History Now Marked As a Brutal Thug… Not For Peace

September 21, 2010

The reason Pollard should be released is because it is just. the information Jonathan had should of been given to Israel and was also promised to Israel. The state secret Pollard was getting was information on Saddam’s chemical weapons and other capabilities that Israel needed to stay alive. This just furthers my hatred and suspicions of the Clinton’s priorities. Peace is not their objective. Degrading good Jews like Clinton did to Monica is what the Clintons were and still are all about. When I talk to feminists today in upstate New York they have more Antisemitism then any other members of the population. We must do everything in our power to insure that we keep these people out of power for our liberty.

Bill Clinton admits he ‘considered’ releasing Pollard at Wye

Former US President Bill Clinton has admitted for the first time that Prime Minister Netanyahu came to the 1998 Wye River Conference thinking he had Jonathan Pollard’s release in hand, and that Clinton did consider releasing Pollard.

Former US president Bill Clinton said in a recent conversation with a prominent US Jewish leader that when Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu went to the Wye River Plantation talks in 1998 with Yasser Arafat, he thought that he would return to Israel with Jonathan Pollard, according to Israeli diplomatic sources.
According to these sources, this is the first time Clinton has acknowledged that Netanyahu went to the talks thinking he had Pollard’s freedom in hand.
In the end, a deal to release Pollard as part of the agreements with Arafat was scuttled when then-CIA director George Tenet threatened to resign if the deal went through.

Among the US officials Barak was scheduled to meet in Washington on Monday was Dennis Ross, who dealt at some length in his memoir The Missing Peace with how the Pollard issue played out during the Wye talks. In that book Ross, who was the US Middle East envoy at the time, wrote that Clinton considered releasing Pollard to try to ensure that an Israeli-PA deal would be sealed.
In the end, Ross wrote, he himself advised Clinton against going ahead with the release when Netanyahu said he would not sign the Wye deal without Pollard’s release.
“Did you make a commitment to release Pollard?” Ross quoted himself as asking Clinton in the book. “If you did, you have to release him.”
According to Ross, “The president swore he had made no promises; he’s said he would see what he could do, but he had made no promises.
I then said, ‘If you did not make a promise to him, you should not give in to this.’” Officials in the Prime Minister’s Office on Monday denied reports that Pollard has been placed into settlement construction moratorium equation, with one official saying the report was “not accurate.”

I suspect that Clinton did make a commitment and then weaseled out of it by reinterpreting his own words. Ask Monica Lewinsky about how Clinton did things like that.

 “In August 2007, a secret report written by the CIA inspector general was made public (originally written in 2005 but kept secret). The 19-page summary states that Tenet knew the dangers of Al Qaeda well before September 2001, but that the leadership of the CIA did not do enough to prevent any attacks. Tenet reacted to the publication of this report by calling it “flat wrong”, citing in particular the planning efforts of the past two years.”

George Tenet… did little to protect America from Al Qaeda attacks.  It was on his watch that America was attacked.  But he sure did everything to keep Jonathan Pollard in jail.  Jonathan is a hero who was trying to get secrets promised to Israel by the US regarding Iraqi chemical warfare.  Tenet is the one who should be in jail… not Pollard