Lebanese politician describes veiled Saudi Women as resembling black garbage bags, riots ensue

March 16, 2011
covered women
but I prefer….

this Trash Bag to Wear…

There were demonstrations anyway. Angry Arab calls them riots. Here is the story from YaLibnan:

Druze religious leader Sheikh el Aql Naim Hassan condemned on Tuesday Wiam Wahab’s description of veiled Saudi women as “black trash bags, ” Future News reported
Future News also reported that Hassan, who is the highest Druze spiritual authority called President Michel Suleiman earlier in the day to condemn the comments made by Wahab, who is a Druze.
Wahab , a staunch ally of Syria and Hezbollah told OTV on Monday “Saudi women are black trash bags we see nothing of,” in reference to their attire. He also slammed outgoing Prime Minister Saad Hariri and Saudi Arabia.
In a related development angry protesters took to the streets and blocked North Lebanon’s international road in protest against Wahab’s comments on Saudi women.
Around 500 protesters gathered and chanted “There is no God but God” and “Wiam, you pig; you should be chained down.”
National News Agency (NNA) reported that the northern Abboudiyeh road that links Lebanon to Syria was blocked by burning tires.
The NNA added that security forces intervened to try and re-open the road.
Tripoli is Lebanon’s second-largest city and is considered the stronghold of the country’s Sunni Muslim community, which is the majority in Saudi Arabia. […]

Walid Jumblatt and Hezbollah also condemned the statement. “Black garbage bags” is probably too harsh a description. Burritos might be a more diplomatic comparison.

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