why Panopticons was created – the modern twitter panopticon of pure transparency has been exposed

May 18, 2008

I just want to remind twitter that Panopticons was created not to be a nuisance, but rather to remind the community that the transparent architecture of twitter with obvious security pratfalls is no place to solicit for the support, councilors and so called “advice givers” for military. EMail our Military claims to screen applicants, but I found them soliciting council in the most hostile on neighborhoods on twitter. Besides the fact that most of the population online is very against the war like Reverend Wright and sympathetic to terrorist action, I’m also concerned as to the mental health of soldiers in the military dealing with such complexities when mere day to day survival are of issue. It is a great irony that twitter deleted Panopticons for architectural in-fractures! Panopticons exposed twitter for hypocrisy and the only reason it was disabled was to censure, which is what twitter should of been doing from the get go with Email our Military.The American prison systems of the late 18th and 19th centuries utilised the notion of the Panopticon – Jeremy Bentham’s design that allowed all prisoners to see each other (pan, all; optic, see/observe) and therefore reduce the duty and necessity of prison guards.The original panopticon got the prisoners to work menial jobs whilst all in each other’s sight lines, therefore turning the watched and the watchers into one.

The modern twitter Panopticon of pure transparency has been exposed. The twitter transparency is only transparent when @Jack wants it to be, and it is very obvious that twitter wants the safety of American youth serving in Iraq to be transparent. There is no doubt that twitter is very hostile to male culture, what better way to surveillance what twitter fears more then anything else? Of course twitter is attempting to hide behind transparency. Of course twitter will claim there in no censorship! That is what a Panopticons is all about. Even facebook has some opaque elements, but twitter is just pure tyranny because what is opaque is arbitrary and dependent on pretensions.

Michel Foucault. Discipline & Punish (1975), Panopticism