Why I like Clinton

May 25, 2008

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she has a very good chance of being president if she is persistent.  for one thing she has something she never had before.  Respect.  She showed a will to fight and to do it on male terms.  I’m not a feminist, but I saw strong character that I hadn’t seen before when she was Green with Suha Arafat.  I am glad she lost though because there is another fighter I like alot. John McCain. Perhaps if she continues to support America, it’s allies and the troops then there is a chance for a real vision for health care that most agree with her about.  She does seem to improve with age and I’m willing to bet that sympathy will grow for what she is struggling to do.  She will improve her character as she grays.  She got what she was looking for all year. Not the presidency, but empathy for her ideas… and she has become wise on foreign policy.  No doubt she has a real vision and I would like to see her leading, but right now I think it is important for America to stay the course and not look like we are backpedaling on Iraq.  Especially with all the success in Sadr city this week that was ignored by the media.  Hilary is a kinder and wiser sense of what government can do… but now is not the time to be spending domestic social programs.  A Democrat in office would be a disaster.  We have a war to win and McCain understands the point of alternative fuels.


"Those who can win a war well can rarely make a good peace and those who could make a good peace would never have won the war."

-Winston Churchill  

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Answered by SimonStudio on May 23, 2008

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