Benghazi: Hillary Clinton Asks What Difference It Makes?

January 23, 2013

(The PJ Tatler » [VIDEO] Pressed for Answers on Her Response to the Benghazi Attack, Hillary Clinton Fumes ‘What Difference Does It Make?’)Most of the Senate Republicans tasked with questioning Secretary of State Hillary Clinton regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi failed to lay a glove on her. They never bothered to ask any questions regarding why she blamed the attack on a movie. Sen. Ron Johnson broke the pattern of weak questions, though, and asked Clinton about the talking points that the administration used after the attack to blame a YouTube movie. Clinton briefly flew into a rage.
h/t Washington Free Beacon

What difference does it make Hillary asks? As if going over the process that led to the deaths could not avoid the death. Amb. Stevens was giving weapons to Muslim Brotherhood groups. Those weapons are showing up in the hostage crises in Algeria. Hillary seems to think that the only victims in Benghazi were the four that died there. There is a systematic problem. Obama and Hillary were allied with the Muslims and Obama is still running things… in fact Obama by nominating Hagel has become more determined then ever to ram his dangerous views of killers into permanent U.S. policy