Indonesia porn law under fire

March 29, 2010

Jaipongan dancers cheers for their colleagues during a festival in  Bandung on February 22, 2009.Gyrating her hips to traditional gamelan music on a makeshift village stage, Indonesian folk daChildren practice ncer Sri Wulandari ignores the leers and wolf whistles of the drunk men below as sheplucks grimyA dancer performs rupiah notes from their outstretched hands.Her nightly routines rage into the wee hours in villages across West Javaprovince but the 30-The traditional West Java jaipong dance was the first to taste the  whip of the controversial anti-porn law passed in December after  officials recently criticised it as being too erotic and had seedy  origins.year-old dancer said the excited punters respected the golden rule of “look but don’t touch.” “The men say naughty things and ask me to marry theA beautician applies make up to a m but I’m a professional dancer, not a prostitute. Dancing jaipong is not a dirty job,” she said. The jaipong dance is one of several Indonesian art forms in the sights of social and religious conservatives after parliament passed a controversial anti-porn law in December.Indonesia’s constitutional court is set to decide whether to finalise a controversial anti-pornography law, or ask parliament to review itIn support, Islamic-based Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) Tifatul  Sembiring said the dance had a shady past, further fanning the flames.. The law has been criticised by many traditional Indonesian artists, who say it could threaten their artistic freedom.