Kony 2012 group tipped off Uganda to wanted ex-rebel: Wikileaks

April 11, 2012

(Reuters) The group behind the viral “Kony 2012” video that drew world attention to Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony tipped off Ugandan forces in 2009 to the whereabouts of a former child soldier wanted by the Kampala government, according to a classified U.S. cable published by Wikileaks. Invisible Children, which shot to prominence last month when its video on Kony and his brutal Lord’s Resistance Army drew more than 100 million hits on social media, told Ugandan officials that a man wanted by security forces was staying with the group in the northern Ugandan city of Gulu, the cable showed.

When it comes to Watusi and the Hutu I really don’t know enough to have an opinion, nor do I know if ratting out a rebel is a bad thing or a good thing… what I do know is this guy was masturbating in public and Reuters covered the story as if he were having a mental breakdown. If I masturbated in public would you call it that? Probably not.