#Feminists: Brawl at Pride Fest in #Seattle. Street preachers get attacked by crowd. …

July 5, 2013
this is what happens when #feminists and #sluts take over. This is #Seattle. The police and the judicial system are run by people with this mentality there. Beware… the state of Washington will extradite any male who questions this mob tyranny

#WashingtonState: Lawmakers “Accidentally” Legalize Warrantless Invasion Of #Gun Owners’ Homes.

February 23, 2013

Lawmakers “Accidentally” Legalize Warrantless Invasion Of Gun Owners’ Homes.

Lawmakers in Washington State have accidentally written a bill permitting police to invade private homes for the purpose of confiscating “illegal” guns and accessories, such as magazines that hold over 10 rounds.

According to Senate Bill 5737, introduced on February 13th by Democrat State Senators Murray, Kohl-Welles, and Kline, no one may possess an “assault weapon” or the combination of a semi-automatic pistol or rifle capable of using a detachable magazine AND any magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammo.
Happily, however, you ARE allowed to possess an UNLOADED assault weapon “…for the purpose of permanently relinquishing it to a law enforcement agency of the state.” (Pg. 6)
Naturally, the statute would NOT apply to police, members of law enforcement in the state, or to federal authorities; in short, the oft-referred to “only ones.” That is, the only ones, the political ruling class tells us, who can be trusted with firearms. However, if one happens to own an “assault weapon” prior to the effective date of the legislation, he may keep it IF he agrees to “safely and securely store the assault weapon.” And by the way, “THE SHERIFF OF THE COUNTY MAY, NO MORE THAN ONCE PER YEAR, CONDUCT AN INSPECTION TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE…” Not surprisingly, safe and secure storage is not defined in the bill. (Pg. 7) Also not surprisingly, this language was quickly deleted from the bill immediately upon lawmakers learning of the public outrage their little foray into dictatorship had spawned.
Yet, in order to provide cover for the bill’s sponsors and fellow liberals, duplicitous “journalist” Danny Westneat is hoping to sell Washington gun owners on the laughable story that the whole thing was just an unfortunate mistake! According to Westneat, one of the bill’s sponsors, Democrat Adam Kline “…did not know the bill authorized police searches because he had not read it closely before signing on.” Naturally, ALL prospective laws should be written without paying much attention to what’s in them! And the PRIME sponsor, Democrat Ed Murray, admitted that the language was “probably unconstitutional.” “I have to admit that shouldn’t be in there,” allowed the munificent liberal.
PROBABLY unconstitutional? Here is the 4th Amendment to the Constitution:

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

And by the way, MR. Murray, how were your “only ones” to know which homes to enter and search? Could it be that mandatory, statewide gun registration was to become the next in your series of “common sense” gun laws?
But even with the Orwellian language now removed, SB 5737 is an affront to the God-given rights of the American people. After all, the bill still states that, should one inherit an “assault weapon,” he must either dispose of it by allowing law enforcement to confiscate it or permanently disable it. It is government literally authorizing the theft or destruction of personal property. Anyone who objects will be subject to one year in prison.
As for the claim by the bill’s authors that it was a mistake, a misstep?It’s a “misstep” because they said what they want to do. They gave away what their plan is.” The truth is, “it’s not a misstep, it’s the next step.”Read the full story here.

Terror-linked CAIR lobby Washington state politicians to pass sharia resolution

January 21, 2013

CAIR(creepingsharia.wordpress.com) Washington State… again?
In past years, they’ve hijacked MLK Jr. day to intimidate elected officials in the state of Washington. This year they’ve changed the date and their objective is no longer hidden – accept Islamic sharia law in America. via 2013 WA Muslim Lobby Day | Events | CAIR-Washington State.

Witness history as our state’s House and Senate become the first in the nation to pass theFaith in Our State and Laws Resolution

Your participation and lobbying will make this happen. This is especially notable as more than 14 states across the country have tried to pass unconstitutional ‘anti-Sharia laws aimed at curbing American Muslims’ religious rights. Our resolution in essence affirms that our state welcomes all religious beliefs, that we have full confidence in our state laws and the US constitution, and that the House of Representatives does not entertain any concern that any religious law offers a threat to our state laws and the US Constitution.Click here to read the draft resolution.
At the event, you will join 500 Muslims from across the state as we enjoy delicious breakfast and lunch, march together to the Capitol Building, rally at the Capitol Steps, meet in groups with our state lawmakers in their offices, and take guided tours of the State Capitol Building and Campus, and learn how Washington State Muslims can build real political power in our communities.

Like their opponents who have stricken the word sharia from legislation to prevent the use of Islamic sharia law in U.S. courts, the ever deceptive Hamas-linked CAIR – who claims America was discovered by Muslims (and is therefore Muslim territory) – they omit the words sharia as well and simply refer to foreign or religious law:

BE IT RESOLVED, by the Washington State [House or Senate], that Washington State welcomes all religious beliefs, traditions and heritages, and
RESOLVED that this body has full confidence in the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the state of Washington and does not entertain any concern that any foreign or religious law offers a threat to the law of the land.

They’ll even be conducting Islamic prayers inside government buildings according to the program:

Duhr prayers may be performed in the Columbia Room in the Legislative Building.

Did Rachel Corrie get college credit for joining the ISM?

August 29, 2012

Media_httpwwwevergree_yiwpj( Elder of Ziyon) There is an interesting detail in this 2003 article from a local Olympia, Washington newspaper that profiles a number of Evergreen College students who traveled to Rafah along with Rachel Corrie:

Rafah is one of the most dangerous places in the Gaza Strip–“a combat zone,” according to Captain Jacob Dallal, the Israeli army spokesperson.
…My Jewish ass has been to Israel several times, but never to Gaza, and I am a bit scared. I have been told not to use any of my Arabic, lest I be suspected of being an Israeli spy. Above all, I have been told not to mention my religion.
[Corrie’s] cohorts at ISM Rafah were an international group, with members from both Europe and the U.S. It was a young group–most people were under 30, and many were closer to 20. And it was a group that held the potential for romance–a Swedish ISMer named Stefan Villkatt would soon become Rachel’s boyfriend.
…In addition to Stefan, there was Chris Allert, 31, also from Olympia, who joined the ISM in April 2002 after hearing about the intense fighting in the West Bank town of Jenin.
…There was Will Hewitt, 25, another Evergreen student who arrived in Israel around the same time as Rachel.
..And then there was Joe Smith, 21–yet another Evergreen student who, with his thick beard and red-checked kaffiyeh, looks like a better-fed, Palestinian-territory version of John Walker Lindh. Joe is from Kansas City, Missouri, and says he (like other Evergreen students) is getting independent study credit for his time in Rafah.

At the time, the US State Department had a travel warning against Americans going to Gaza.
If true, Evergreen College was rewarding students to go to a war zone and put their lives in danger.
(h/t Daled Amos via email)

The Geoduck Fight Song

words and music by Malcolm Stilson, 1971

Go, Geoducks go,
Through the mud and the sand,
let’s go.
Siphon high, squirt it out,
swivel all about,
let it all hang out.
Go, Geoducks go,
Stretch your necks when the tide
is low
Siphon high, squirt it out,
swivel all about,
let it all hang out.

free market talking to the #feminists: Idaho Liquor Sales Soar After Washington State Passes Tax

July 30, 2012

Idaho Statemen:

Washington voters last year approved privatization of the state’s liquor business, opening up liquor sales to grocery stores and other retailers. That came with a new 10 percent distributor fee plus a 17 percent retail fee to replace money the state lost when it shut down its state-run liquor stores. The result was higher prices for consumers at many retail outlets.
The surge in Idaho border-store sales mirrors a surge in Oregon, where sales near the Washington border rose 35 percent in June, bringing Oregon $870,000 more than usual. That’s just a hair more than Idaho’s border-store sales increase last month.  Oregon, like Idaho, has a state-run liquor market.
But it’s also likely because of Washington shoppers driving across the border for lower prices. The eight Idaho-run stores near Washington sold about 33 percent more liquor in June than the same month last year, Anderson said. The state’s overall June sales were 14 percent higher.

I’d be drunk too… and trying to save a buck if I lived in a feminist state like Washington

Seattle prosecutors won’t file charges against Muslim mayor who reportedly threatened to kill niece « Creeping Sharia

July 15, 2012

You thought Seattle was tough on Domestic Abuse? Feminism is Marxism in drag.The Muslims get by & They CENSORED ME!

(Creeping Sharia) via Prosecutors won’t file charges against Granite Falls mayor | HeraldNet.com – Local news.

SEATTLE — Granite Falls Mayor Haroon Saleem won’t be charged with a crime in connection with his arrest Monday at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.
The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office determined there was insufficient evidence to support any criminal charge, spokesman Dan Donohoe said Thursday.
Saleem was arrested Monday night after his family reportedly got into a heated argument near the baggage claim. Some relatives told police that he threatened to kill them.
The mayor on Thursday said he never threatened or assaulted anyone.
Saleem said he was unhappy with how Port of Seattle police and King County Jail staff handled the incident. He believes he should not have been arrested.
“Me and my family, we want to put this behind us and get on with our lives,” he said. “It’s going to be very difficult because my reputation has been damaged, but it is what it is and we want to move forward.”
Saleem was at the airport to pick up his daughter, 13.
She and other relatives were flying back from California on Monday after a vacation in California, court papers show. The family had been quarreling during the vacation, and the argument apparently continued into the airport. Port police responded to reports of a commotion.
Because of the nature of the incident, state law mandated Saleem’s arrest, a police spokesman said earlier this week.

The nature of the incident that is not reported here, was reported elsewhere – Granite Falls, Wash. Muslim mayor jailed after threatening to kill relatives at airport. Does insufficient evidence mean that he did not threaten to kill his young female relatives? If any of the victims want to share their side of the story you have an open forum here.

Saleem was booked into the King County Jail late Monday night for investigation of felony domestic-violence harassment. He was released from jail Tuesday morning without having to post bail.
Saleem said he is grateful for people who have supported him these past few days.
He also said he wanted to apologize to the Granite Falls community for any backlash the town may have suffered.
“I am back, and I am going to attend to the business of the city, and I am going to do everything I possibly can to do what is best for the city in the future,” he said.

King County GOP leader boots caucus outside after Ron Paul backers take over

April 25, 2012

(Seattle) Over the weekend, Republicans in the 37th Legislative District gathered to choose delegates to the state GOP convention.
The caucus started out Saturday morning inside Dimmitt Middle School. But it didn’t end inside the building.
After supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul elected one of their own to chair of the meeting, the gathering was booted to an outside basketball court by King County Republican Party Chairman Lori Sotelo.
The move came after attendees irritated Sotelo by rejecting her choice to run the caucus – former King County Councilman David Irons.
Instead, the group voted for Tamara Smilanich, a Paul supporter.
That prompted Sotelo to declare the meeting was no longer a Republican Party event – but a Ron Paul campaign event.
Sotelo says she asked the group to continue its meeting outside because the King County Republican Party — not the Paul campaign — had paid for the facility and for the insurance. She added that Smilanich stopped her from addressing the group.
“I said, ‘I am going to have to step away from responsibility and have to ask you to take your caucus elsewhere,’ ” Sotelo said in an interview.
Sotelo called Smilanich a Paul campaign “operative” who did not have the experience to run the caucus. She said there was no reason for the Paul supporters to “take over” the meeting — they had numbers and were going to elect their favored delegates no matter who chaired the caucus.
“There is no other campaign that feels the need to poke the party in the eye like the Ron Paul campaign,” said Sotelo. “For heaven’s sake stop hitting us with a firehose.”
But Smilanich said she saw nothing wrong with what happened at the caucus.
“There was a vote and the vote went to elect [the chairman] who the body wanted. Everything was legitimate,” Smilanich said.
Even though the GOP had reserved the room until 2 p.m., the meeting was pushed outside to the basketball court at about 12:30 p.m. The caucus finished its business outside in the sun, and elected 11 Ron Paul supporters to the state convention, which begins May 31 in Tacoma.
Despite asserting the caucus had ceased to be a Republican Party function once Smilanich was elected chair, Sotelo said she had no plans to challenge the legitimacy of those delegates.
One caucus attendee, Michael Brubaker, was so upset by Sotelo’s actions he’s suing her in small claims court. That’s because each caucus-goer paid $10 to participate – money Sotelo said was to help pay for the party’s expenses for using the school. But Sotelo refused to refund the money after the group was moved outside.
“She shouldn’t have taken our money and kicked us out,” Brubaker said.
The dust-up is the latest in a series of disputes between Paul supporters and local GOP officials.
Paul’s supporters have repeatedly accused GOP leaders of conspiring against his campaign.
Republican leaders, meanwhile, have been irritated at what they see as rude, disruptive and paranoid behavior by the Paul supporters.
They’re also concerned that many Paul supporters have refused to say they’ll back the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, now all but certain to be Mitt Romney.
Indeed, Smilanich said she would have considered backing Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator who recently suspended his presidential campaign.
But, she said, “I don’t care for Mitt Romney.”

ah Seattle… how I don’t miss it.