New York Yankees among victims of Facebook hacker

August 3, 2012

Media_httpcdnabclocal_pianvNEW YORK (abc) — Contrary to what followers of the Yankees on Facebook read Thursday, Derek Jeter is not missing the rest of the season for a sex change operation.
The New York Yankees were among the victims of several Major League Baseball teams who had their Facebook pages hacked Thursday.
“We regret to inform our fans that Derek Jeter will miss the rest of the season with sexual-reassignment surgery,” the post read. “He promises to come back stronger than ever in 2013 as Minnie Mantlez.”
The post showed up shortly before 4 p.m. The Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, San Francisco Giants, Miami Marlins, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Angels, Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals were also hacked.
The Cubs page read, “F— Bill Murray,” while the White Sox page touted, “Everyone knows President Obama is a die hard ChiSox Fan. Unfortunately, we’re voting for Romeny. #MuslimPresident”
“Wow, the Chick-fil-A guy sure is an a–hole,” read the Giants Facebook page, while Nationals fans were informed, “We’re going back to Montreal. SEE YA SUCKERS!!!!!!”
Facebook released a statement, reading “Recently, several Pages made unauthorized posts as a result of actions from a single rogue administrator of these Pages. Our team responded quickly and worked with our partners to eliminate the spam caused by this attack. This was an unique, isolated incident and we are always working to improve our systems to better protect our users and their data.”
The Yankees had no comment.