Palestinians to embark in nation branding too

October 24, 2011
(h/t Doc Talk/Article by Tobias Buc) FYI-pay attention everyone: Palestine might not be a country yet, but it’s a nation to most people – which qualifies them to rightfully do some nation branding. And as it turns out by this story on the Financial Times, they’ve just started to create a brand-new Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy, which will be charged with Palestine’s nation branding efforts. This is the story, written by Tobias Buck in Ramallah.

It may be many more years before Palestinians finally establish their own nation state. However, a nation-brand is already in the making. Over the past few months, a group of influential Palestinian business leaders has been quietly working to set up a special body charged with creating a Palestinian nation-brand and promoting it around the world.
If everything goes to plan, the first campaigns will be launched later this year. The initial markets targeted are the US and, perhaps more surprisingly, Israel.
“There is a lack of knowledge and understanding about how we operate and behave, and what we believe in,” says Samir Hulileh, the chief executive of Padico, a Ramallah-based conglomerate and the biggest Palestinian company by market value. “Outside Palestine, people either see us as a primitive community and a third world country, full of gangsters and terrorists. Or they don’t have an impression at all.”
Padico is one of several Palestinian businesses that are determined to nudge global opinion in a different direction. They are in the final stages of setting up a new Palestinian Institute for Public Diplomacy charged with overseeing the campaign, and intend to hire an international marketing company in the coming months.
The new Palestinian initiative, says Mr Hulileh, consciously echoes the long-running Israeli hasbarah effort to bolster its image around the world. But it also draws inspiration from Lebanon, which has undergone a striking image transformation in recent years, emerging as a business and tourism hub after decades of bloody strife.
The cost of the Palestinian campaign – which is set to kick off with an audit of public perceptions in Israel and the US – will be carried entirely by the business community. “We will start with US$1m, but we will need much more,” says Mr Hulileh.
According to the Padico CEO, establishing and promoting a distinctive national brand will be an important flanking measure to the current Palestinian diplomatic effort to gain international recognition as an independent state. The drive is set to culminate in an appeal to the UN in September, asking the global body to admit Palestine as a full member state.
For the diplomatic campaign to be effective, Mr Hulileh says, the international community must look to the Palestinians not simply as recipients of aid and the source of diplomatic problems but as a community that “contributes to the world”.
He points out that the Palestinian territories boast an “exceptional” literacy level of 95 per cent, and that Palestinian universities produce 45,000 graduates every year.
He cites cultural luminaries such as Mahmoud Darwish, the celebrated Palestinian poet who died two years ago. There is, Mr Hulileh says, “success despite the situation”.
International surveys examining nation brands normally do not examine the Palestinian territories. One survey that does, the East West Global Index, ranked Palestine 182nd out of 200 countries last year. Israel, placed 176th, did not fare much better. Both countries came in below military dictatorships such as Burma and Syria, but ahead of North Korea and Iran.

a 95% literacy rate… with all the money these animals get they only have 95% literacy so that they can read their vile Mohammad texts and kill people. It is sad to think of all the things that could of been done with the money that the West has thrown at these people. An illiterate South American kid hoping to have his own farm is more noble then people who are financed by the West and turn around and kill Jews. All the marketing in the world won’t help people who blow themselves up… (you might get a few teary eyed anorexic Italian fashion models, but anyone who sees anything good in those whose entire reason for being is death is a sick in the head…. but not to worry. Israel’s Rebranding failed like New Coke. People want Israel to be on a more spiritual level, not hip, I expect Palestine to be incapable of becoming a hipster retreat… unless the fashion world decides that Hijabs and Burqas are the next in runway item.


The FDA’s Disturbing Propaganda

June 22, 2011

…I_heard_about_this… this morning and I was afraid to look. I should of, I bet I get a lot of hits for these fucking puke disgusting images. Really… I’m a smoker and it is disturbing. Right now I’m on those free nicotine patches from…
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Yuck! Pro-Islam Ads On My Site! «

April 4, 2011

Gross. If you want to know the true Islam, see the below pic-this ad here we DO NOT endorse!!

Ads by Google

(And dont tell me the Jews from Israel did it.  They cant even stop giving land away, and their government does ZERO while their people are MURDERED by bloody savages from the “Religion of Peace”)

the only way to do advertising is to call people. NEVER TRUST GOOGLE!
I regret trusting Blogger to do the site I use. They CENSOR. I know they do. They did it to me. They CENSORED the Israeli government during Cast Lead and you should see the things they leave up there that are murder threats to me.

Chicks in Ads….Can You Dig It?

March 26, 2011

Today’s ads show the woman as the sensible strong type; however in these three ads, they’re used as sex objects and are just plain inept. See them in their hysterical glory here, here and lastly & lustily (for you guys) here.

So, when are the naggy girl’s groups going to go gaga over this, and start squawking about it?
Seen at YouTube via
image via BILL RANDALL via Anne T. Boleyn

Iranians hack into VOA website

February 22, 2011
It then listed more 90 websites of VOA it claimed has also been hacked.

Iranian computer hackers on Monday hijacked the website of the Voice of America, replacing its Internet home page with a banner bearing an Iranian flag and an image of an AK-47 assault rifle.
The group called on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “hear the voice of oppressed nations.”
The banner stated that “we have proven that we can.”
The message called on the United States to “stop interfering in Islamic countries.”

A State Department spokesman could not be reached for comment.
An administration official said the group identified with the banner is known as the Iranian Cyber Army.
VOA operates a global network of news and information outlets that reflect official U.S. foreign policies. It broadcasts, through radio, television and the Internet to scores of nations around the world.

Little is known about the group. It was credited with hacking and defacing Twitter in December 2009, replacing the social networking site’s home page with a message that the site was hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army.
Cyber security specialists have said there are suspicions that the Cyber Army is part of the Iranian government after the hacker group was critical of the pro-democracy Green Movement in Iran.
PBS’ “Tehran Bureau” reported in February 2010 that “a review of the political messages published by the Cyber Army in recent months and official statements in its defense made by a government administrator of Iran’s aviation industry prompt a closer examination of the group, which previous reports have claimed is composed of Russian hackers based outside of Iran.”
In January 2010, the group broke into China‘s main search engine known as Baidu and redirected users to a banner identifying the Iranian Cyber Army. China‘s official Xinhua News Agency said at the time that the Baidu was “tampered with, leading to inaccessibility.”
The hacking takeover of the website of VOA,, followed the announcement last week by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, VOA’s parent agency, that it was canceling all shortwave radio broadcasts of the VOA’s Chinese-language service in favor of Internet broadcasting.
The switch from shortwave to Internet broadcast was criticized by current and former officials who said it would undermine VOA’s pro-democracy messages to such places as Tibet and Xinjiang, in western China, that rely on VOA for reliable information.
The cost-cutting measure to end VOA shortwave radio broadcasts was based on an internal assessment that radio listenership was declining and that web-based broadcast, despite its vulnerability to being blocked by Chinese censors, would reach more Chinese.

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she used to f#(% for a living and now she’s saved

November 19, 2010

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Viral Marketing

October 21, 2010