Another Oliver Stone is getting attention at the expense of the victims of the Holocaust

September 8, 2010

Uwe Boll. In A Nazi Uniform. Guarding A Gas Chamber Full Of Jews.


In a career marked by bad decisions, this is surely the worst. Uwe Boll has made a film titled Auschwitz in which he himself appears as a Nazi officer guarding a gas chamber full of Jews in mid-execution. I know this because it is in the teaser. Says Boll himself on the topic:

“It’s in the tradition of my movies Stoic, Darfur, Rampage, Tunnelrats, Heart of America…it shows Auschwitz as this what it was: a meatplant for humans…a death factory”

Now, a serious treatment of Auschwitz is not a bad thing. But it is the sort of thing that needs to be done exactly right without a hint of exploitation. Which is pretty much impossible coming from a director who routinely jokes about funding his films via Nazi gold and fills his first teaser with images that come off feeling much more grindhouse than arthouse.

Throughout his career Boll has been tolerated – even enjoyed – as a sort of continuous running joke of bad decisions and purveyor of mostly bad movies. He’s been kind of a drunken frat boy so smashed that he thinks he can fly by jumping off the roof of the house if he just jumps high enough and we’ve kind of loved him for that. But this … this could easily turn him from a happy joke into someone truly hated.


horrible… horrible… and not funny. this guy isn’t Mel Brooks