UnJews Everywhere

May 14, 2011

Approximately six years ago Shmuel HaLevi, my e-pal from Israel, coined the term ‘unJew’ and slowly the term permeated the world’s lexicon scene.
UnJew is a person who does not have his Jewish Homeland at heart; he or she is not nationalistic or patriotic and acts against the interests of the State of Israel. The unJew favors the Jewish nation’s foes over his or her own people and deliberately assists them to attack, demonize, delegitimize and undermine the Jewish state’s existence.
In the past sixty-three years the unJews never, ever, had a “peace plan” for the Jewish State. They plainly coordinated with the Islamists to destroy Eretz Yisrael-the Land of Israel and even its Jewish laws and ethics.

Even the political spin doctors’ creative labeling could not hide these facts. While Israelis were craving for peace at any price, they came up with vapid slogans such as “victims of peace,” meaning, kill more Jews for a delusional peace, or, “painful sacrifices,” meaning make sacrifices in return for nothing more than more terror, more wars, more national pain and agony, more of the same political delusion. The Israeli unJewish leaders constantly fed the nation with those slogans and got it nowhere with its foes, perhaps even caused the “peace process” a constant regression.
Under that rubric thousands of Jews were murdered and maimed and the murdering and maiming of Israelis continues, with no end in sight.
Since 1860, the year that the first Jewish settlers left the secure walls of Jerusalem to build new Jewish neighbourhoods, a total of 22,867 men and women have been killed defending the land of Israel in wars with the Arab nations. Since the end of the War of Independence in 1948, 2,443 people have been killed in Israel in Arab terror attacks.
These numbers in USA population equivalency are: 1,257,520 men and women killed in defending their homeland, and 134,365 murdered in terror attacks.
One of the worst phenomenon in Israel of the past few years is the expulsion of Jews from their hometowns by the their own unJewish government.
The Oslo Accords and other derivatives ‘agreements’ were a murder by proxy arrangements, not quite successfully effected by Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas et al. Because of that, the unJews opted to create a State budgeted expulsion forces shock troops, dressed in black and riding German specially trained police horses, akin to the German SS murder squads and Pogrom beasts. They named these unJew monsters “Yasam” troops.
Everyone in the government knew well in advance of the huge sums of money and funded facilities that were allocated and “invested” through State Budget lines to form the “Yasam”, troops, the “Jewish Sektion” of the German SS, the “Gilboa squads”, the “border police” monsters, and other paramilitary and military ghastly elements.
From that unJew material the Government of Israel is made.
Shimon Peres is a principal operative in every one of these unJew ‘events’ and has been that way from the day he had put his foot on the Holy Land soil. And this unJew is, today, the ‘President’ of the Jewish State of Israel?!
Only sixty five years ago, the lucky ones, those who managed to survive, one wonders how, when the Nazi machine was finally stopped, came out of the ashes of Auschwitz and Buchenwald and settled in the only place they could call their home, the State of Israel. And we, the Jews dare such behavior?!
The State of Israel is surrounded by an ocean of hateful Arab foes who have an ocean of rockets and missiles all aiming at it, with one intention only, to destroy the Jewish state to ashes.
The time has come to take a stand and a new road that leads in a new direction. The State of Israel is in need for new leadership, new captainship to navigate the Jewish State of Israel ship back on course, the right course.
Continued clashes between police and Yasam troops and the protesters: