The Male Sex Has Become like Economic Jews

September 17, 2011
While it is true that men are more likely to reach the highest levels of income, it is also true that men as a gender these days are discriminated against and have a very hard time staying employed at all. There is a historic parallel. Ironically many feminists have compared opportunities for Jews as being similar to opportunities for women, but the comparison does not work because structurally woman have nothing comparable in experience to Jews. On the other hand the male gender is very much like the Jewish experience. People look at Jews and say two contradictions: Jews are successful and also they hate the Jews. How can this happen that Jews as a group can both be statistically triumphant in their success and also experience hardship on the way up? Look no further then the male sex for the answer. Men have a problem staying employed. Multiply that with a mancession and you see a fascinating dichotomy. Men are both the highest wage earners and the sex that is most likely to be unemployed… very much like Jews (a patriarchal belief system). America’s ability to end our economic woes and America’s abuse of Jews and Men are tied together because they share an experience. Women can get a job easily due to pink collar growth in the service sector, but men are on the streets. A Jew has a very hard time getting a job, but then a Jew is statistically more likely to get a top position. Instead of following the Barbara Ehrenreich formula and attacking Wallmart for hiring too many men to top positions or the Ron Paul formula of pointing out all the Jews who come out of Goldman Sachs, What really needs to happen is there needs to be a concerted effort to fight discrimination on the ground level. If a man or a Jew can not get a peon job at a cash register or trying data entry then these people will take actions to educated themselves so that they do not face more hardship. And perhaps this is why there is so much Antisemitism in progressive forums because their solution is always in blaming success when in fact the hatred of the winners is what makes the winners. Instead of looking in envy at a circumcised penis it is time for women and the progressives to allow men in their circles. The women, femmes and those who fit in to societies philosophical norm have created their own pain by not letting us in the door.

Wal-Mart women denied discrimination class action – updated

June 21, 2011
If one is unemployed… one has time to study… and better himself or herself. Our culture is set up this way. To merely say that men make more is to obscure the truth… which is that statistically men must overcome obstacles to get to that employment. No government or judicial can account for this kind of economic complexity in our culture. women make less, but are more likely to be employed. giving women equal pay because of affirmative action will not employ men… in fact it would probably hurt a woman’s job opportunity. obviously it is complex… and therefor there are no conspiracies against women.
Betty Dukes and Christine Kwapnoski
Betty Dukes, left,
and plaintiff Christine Kwapnoski
were two of the named plaintiffs in the case

The Unsolved Problem of Labor: In a dissenting opinion, the court’s four liberal justices agreed the Wal-Mart case did not merit a class action, but would have taken a less narrow view of the requirements for a class action suit over back pay.

…meanwhile it is men who are statistically out of work.
The US Supreme Court has dismissed the largest class action lawsuit in history, ruling against women alleging discrimination by US giant Wal-Mart.

The court ruled that 1.5 million women who said they were paid less because of gender must pursue action individually.
Plaintiffs had sought to unite more than a million women in their effort.

The court accepted Wal-Mart’s argument that the women work in diverse jobs in stores across the US and do have not enough in common for a class action. via
who can men sue?

Joseph Massad loves the word "colonialism"

May 6, 2011
Joseph Massad, the anti-gay and virtually anti-semitic Columbia University professor whose hatred of Israel is legendary, has written another screed for Al Ahram that exposes his faulty methods of reasoning.

I wrote a critique of one of his previous articles in 2007 where he argued that Israel was inherently racist. Yet an analysis of that article showed that he never really defined what racism was – effectively, his argument was an argument by repetition. In that article, he used the word “racist” or “racism” over thirty times. It was nothing more than proof by assertion, with many straw-man arguments to buttress his nonexistent proof.

Now, he has a new article in Al Ahram, where he talks about Israel’s “colonialism.” In this case he must have shattered a record of overuse of a word, employing it over sixty times in the course of the article. Even more absurdly, he bases the article on this phrase: Colonialism is peace; anti-colonialism is war, as being Israel’s policy – using variants of that phrase some seven times.
Again, it is a gigantic straw-man argument, because he again assumes that Israel is by definition colonialist and he never bothers to define exactly how. Just as he did with the racism charge, he states it as a fact first and his “proof” is just by repeating it ad nauseum.
Israel is not a colonialist state using any reasonable definition of colonialism. As I have written previously, Israel is by definition anti-colonialist:
Arabs feel that Zionism has the same effect as colonialism, therefore they conclude that the two are functionally identical.
However, Zionism is more like anti-colonialism: it is a national liberation movement, with the nation being the Jewish nation. Zionism’s ‘s intent is not to rule over others nor to subjugate others. The vast majority of early Zionists wanted to re-build the Jewish national home in the same place that the original home was, the biblical Land of Israel. Judaism had maintained a strong emotional tie with ancient Israel; daily prayers long for a return to Zion;Jews annually mourn for the destruction of both Holy Temples in Jerusalem; and not only Jews had maintained a continuous presence in their original homeland, but Jews had returned there in much smaller numbers throughout the ages.
Definitionally, they two aren’t even close. The Zionists didn’t want to offer allegiance to the British Empire, they wanted to be independent of it. The colonialist requirement for a “metropole”, or mother country, doesn’t exist in Zionism.
The Arab motivation to apply the colonialist label to Zionism purposefully ignores the definitions or goals of the Jewish national liberation movement and instead tries to fuzz the definition so that the metropole is the entire Western world. Israel indeed has the hallmarks of a modern, Western nation and more closely identifies with the West and the ideals of democracy and liberalism than with the Arab world. And in more recent decades, when the word “colonialism” has turned into a dirty word, the Arabs have been keen on using it as a weapon against Israel among the nations that have the most colonial guilt.
Massad and those like him know all of this, of course – but they love misusing the words “colonialism” and “racism” to score points with the West. It is a libel that gains currency by dint of repetition, not by the merits of the argument.
And no one knows more about repetition than Joseph Massad.

Work doesn’t pay: Child poverty in unemployed families in England falls but rises in working homes

April 24, 2011
Grim prospects:There are still almost four million children living in poverty in Britain - with more than half coming from homes where at least one parent works

Child poverty is rising among working families while generous benefits cut it for the unemployed, a report has revealed.
The study by the respected Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an indictment of Labour’s record in power – and casts doubt on the Coalition’s ability to deliver its pledge to ‘make work pay’.
It reveals that while the policy of lavishing benefits on the unemployed has helped tackle some aspects of child poverty, many working families have fallen behind.

Grim prospects:There are still almost four million children living in poverty in Britain – with more than half coming from homes where at least one parent works

Child poverty in workless families fell in 2008/9 to 1.6million, despite the impact of the recession.
But during the same period child poverty among working families rose to 2.1million – the highest on record.

poverty graphic
child poverty graphic

bankrupted itself by backing the revolution

April 18, 2011
the irony of all the rich snobs
…who love the “artist” Banksy…
Viva La Suckers!!!

The_American_Revolution had been partly caused by the economic problems of two monarchies, England and France, the former of which began squeezing the Colonies in order to balance its own books, and the latter which bankrupted itself by backing the revolution. The British monarchy became a shell after centuries of internal conflicts caused in part by its constant need for new sources of revenue. The French Revolution was in turn caused more by a demand for financial accountability from a free spending monarchy, than by the grand ideas like Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite. Meanwhile America’s own earliest conflicts between individual rights and the Federal government, such as the Whiskey Rebellion, were caused by the government’s need for revenue.

With a massive rising national debt that threatens to consume the entire productive capacity of the United States, modern day America is going down the very same road as the Kings of France. And the process has been radically accelerated by the transformation of the role of government, from that of the “fence” around our rights, to the “provider” of rights, and beyond that government had also redefined rights as services. And just as it costs more to put a nanny in every home, than to hire a watchman for a single block, providing services takes government to a whole new spending level.

WE ARE FUNDING OUR OWN REVOLUTION! …which will execute us, like the French Royalty. Pompous dreamers who did not see they were agitating their own murderers. It was the French royalty who brought the court to the suburbs… where they could watch their top people… centralization that would lead to easy control. Viva that Revolution we are doomed to repeat over and over again. Call it a fight and then build the Panopticon, only to find oneself slaughtered by ones owns walls.

the only colonialist in the world?

April 4, 2011
The above is circa 1950 and is from Tunisia.
The cartoon represents the gay colonial /gay traveller’s
desires of being ravaged by “dark peoples” in North Africa.
Though circa 1950, the idea, the desire displayed,
remains a major fixture within larger gay culture where
stereotyped fantasies of Afro Diasporic men
coupled with a member of the larger gay community
is a never abating staple

there is no other colonialist left in the world, other than “the only democracy in the Middle East.” The world is still putting up with all this, but not for much longer – it will soon be over. via

no other colonialist? Really? this guy is still holding on to the theory that the Jews don’t belong there… are not from there… always were not there even at great odds and sacrifice…  These so called aborigine spoken about here follows a faith started by a merchant and had full understanding of capital and land. You can not make the same metaphor with much of the Natives in America. Further… the so called aboriginal land was state owned by the elite Muslim Turks… so it wasn’t like the land was owned by Arabs. A people who have a government that controlled property…. yes very socialist …are not allowed to change history and act like they have most of the “Keys” to the home.

Unemployed Colonialist

July 3, 2010
the unemployed who complain about not having jobs are now Colonialists