Jewish Agency co-sponsors anti-Israel event with New Israel Fund… for the last three years

July 7, 2011

Once again there are suspicious goings on at the JCC in Manhattan in cahoots with the radical Leftists, anti-Israel New Israel Fund. But this time the Jewish Agency is a co-sponsor, and the program has been going on for three years. A press release from JCC Watch.


New York – “Love, Hate and the Jewish State 4.0: Airing the Dirty Laundry,” an event recently held at the JCC in Manhattan, a beneficiary of the UJA-Federation of New York, met with controversy when the Jewish Agency (MAKOM) denied any involvement with the event. Evidence, however, clearly shows otherwise.
Last week, charged that the Jewish Agency (MAKOM) had cosponsored the program along with the New Israel Fund, J Street, and other organizations. The Jewish Agency spokesman, Haviv Rettig Gur, speaking to the Israeli press, denied any such alliances. has discovered notices that clearly list the Jewish Agency (MAKOM) as a sponsor. These prove the sponsorship of not only this year’s event, but also last year’s and, based on evidence in articles still found online, at least as far back as 2009.‘s founder, Richard Allen, calling “Love Hate and the Jewish State 4.0: Airing the Dirty Laundry” a “bash-Israel event,” stated that it “trains the younger Jewish generation to hate the Jewish state. There is nothing at all positive being taught at these political bash-Israel sessions. In fact, the program might be better called ‘Love to Hate the Jewish State 4.0.’” He went on to condemn the JCC in Manhattan, a beneficiary of the UJA-Federation of New York, for hosting yet another event put on by groups that fund and support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. “There are clearly elements within the American arm of the Jewish Agency (MAKOM) that have established links to these nefarious organizations.”
“The Jewish Agency (MAKOM) and the JCC in Manhattan should not be utilized as a sponsor or a gathering place for those who work to delegitimize Israel,” Allen continued.
NGO-Monitor has proven that, for some time now, the New Israel Fund has directly funded groups that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel. J Street, the George Soros-funded group, has also partnered with efforts to further the insidious BDS movement.
“We once again call on the JCC in Manhattan’s board of directors to establish firm and serious guidelines to prevent the JCC in Manhattan from becoming a hotbed of bash Israel activities. The Jewish Agency must also supervise their American arm, MAKOM, and establish better oversight to prevent sponsorships of anti-Israel activities.”
For more information, contact at (917) 434-3480
h/t Israel Matzav
that is the last time I ever go to Makom. How come liberal parties are so uptight?

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JCC Watch rips JCC of the Upper West Side

March 15, 2011

For those of you wondering why the
JCC logo has been censored, go here.

At a press conference in New York on Sunday, JCC Watch ripped the JCC of the Upper West Side of Manhattan for cooperating with organizations that promote boycott, divestiture and sanctions (BDS) against Israel.

The JCC of the Upper West Side, notes the watchdog group, is a beneficiary agency of the UJA-Federation. BDS was launched in 2005 by various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which seek to demonize, delegitimize, and ultimately destroy Israel by the spread of misinformation, incitement, and promotion of various boycotts.
In a news conference held Sunday afternoon in front of the JCC offices, JCC Watch reported that the organization is partnering with a number of pro-BDS organizations.
Among those listed were the leftist organizations New Israel Fund, B’Tselem, Human Rights Watch, and J Street.
JCC Watch founder Richard Allen called on the JCC board of directors to establish public and transparent guidelines regarding BDS.
“It’s time that the board of directors of the JCC in Manhattan take action. It’s simple: all they have to do is stop supporting groups that partner with, fund, or support the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement against Israel,” Allen said.

I know the rabbi of that JCC. I had my Bar Mitzvah at a Reconstructionist Synagogue called B’nai Keshet in Montclair NJ.  Joy Levitt is a very sick woman. this is not political for me. this is personal.
Joy had me thrown out of Hebrew school at B’nai Keshet …if I remember correctly. I drew a picture of my teacher when I was 13 years old. for the record I was wrong… and it wasn’t a female teacher it was a male teacher, but I was 13 years old. I had to train for my Bar Mitzvah with the Orthodox because the Reconstructionist synagogue would not allow me to go to Hebrew school. These women are out to hurt Western men. It is their agenda. The girls are coddled and groomed and the boys are given hairy eyeballs. I have pictures of girls dancing with each other at my Bar Mitzvah party. at the time it didn’t mean anything to me. now I realize they were reinforcing Anti-Social behavior. Very few of the kids still talk to each other. Just about every girl who was in my Bar Mitzvah class is now a lesbian. The one straight girl there in my class was known to be promiscuous. when they elected Obama president… it felt like Montclair NJ started running the government. I used to get beat up by black kids and my parents would take me to a shrink and the guy would say… “you don’t know how to read people”. yeah right… I read the hate just fine

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@Daroff what is up with this shit? United Jewish Communities sells out Jews

November 15, 2010

Why is the Jewish Community hosting an event (the latest of two) promoting a key supporter of the boycott on Israel?  That’s a question you need to ask the Jewish Welfare Federation, now known as the United Jewish Communities, the self-appointed bureaucracy which acts as the voice and Politburo of Jewish communities across North America.  And if you give to Federation, it’s a good reason to stop and never give again.

Jewish Community’s Robert Cohen Promotes Israel-Hating/Jew-Hating Muzammil Ahmed

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Change at the New Israel Fund? and possibly other Jewish Organizations?

September 22, 2010

You will all recall that last winter, the New Israel Fund came under attack because organizations that it financed produced much of the material that was used in the Goldstone Report. The attacks have apparently hurt NIF’s fund-raising enough that on Sunday they came out with new guidelines for grantees. Or did they?

“NIF is now sending mixed signals regarding these reported new guidelines,” says Prof. Gerald Steinberg, president of NGO Monitor. “We do not know whether these are old or new guidelines, or how they will be implemented. NIF clearly is having an internal debate about whether to continue funding groups that de-legitimize and demonize Israel. This is an important debate, but it is now being muddied now with unclear messages.”

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Roger Cohen is a sadist not an optimist

May 2, 2010

If New York Times columnist Roger Cohen is telling the truth, in effect, the Obama administration asked him to issue a warning threat to the Netanyahu government.

But there’s no indication that this was discussed with or conveyed to Israel until they read it in the New York Times, just like you and me. Once again, the Obama administration is treating one of its most important allies like a third-rate thugocracy.


As I was lulling to sleep I saw a tweet from @Daroff of the UJC: Roger Cohen is optimistic on the peace process in his @nytimes column from #Israel   ….so I responded: @Daroff you can’t be serious about retweeting Roger Cohen? poison! you really did work for the Bush Sr. admin if you like that guy.   ….but Mr. Daroff tweeted back:  @CriticalAnalyst I do not endorse every author I RT, obviously. Mostly I tweeted it because I spoke w/Danny  tonight about his role in it. (Danny Ayalon I presume)   …so I guess now I have to read this…. and it was a waste of time:

  let me summarize. It opens with a lot of bullshit about being a realist… and then pulls a fake Anne Frank.  despite it all he claims to see the better in people… and yet his main argument is that Obama is going to stay the course because kids going into the middle east think that Israel is causing them harm.

Not very optimistic at all… complete nonsense.  Most kids going to Afghanistan are not going to have a dynamic to make such an analysis unless you push that opinion on them. Most likely they joined the army because they believe in what they are fighting for and Israel is part of that Western identity of freedom. Perhaps this is Cohen’s Freudian slip?  Maybe Cohen hopes that the youth will parrot back his own hateful rhetoric?   

Cohen thinks a guy like Fayyad is going to be the changing dynamic in the conflict. Fayyad who told a crowd that a future Arab state in Judea and Samaria must be free of all Jews. Fayyad, who was never elected to his office democratically.  Fayyad is a mere figurehead. Muhammad Ghaneim and the Committee and Council run Fatah. For there to be real peace with Fatah the Israelis need to shake hands with all 23 members of a Central Committee, 80 members of a Revolutionary Committee and a 350-member General Council.  and yet Cohen thinks Fayyad is the future.
He then claims that building in is provacative.  A Jewish neighborhood that is overcrowded, surrounded in Jerusalem by other Jews.  An easy to pick on place because it is a neighborhood of religious Jews.  This Cohen is a bully looking to taunt those that adhere to a faith he rejected obviously. I’m not religious myself, but I can see how he thinks.

I’m not convinced that I learned anything here.
if you want to read this crap at the <—here it is.

…if you read the article Danny Ayalon is hardly mentioned beyond the fact that he is concerned about a border.  There is no reason to retweet this.  Mr. Daroff could of just as easily reposted Ayalon’s concerns without pushing this guy’s lies.

UJA Federation Sponsors No Israel Fund (a/k/a New Israel Fund) Event

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time it’s happened.  Remember when the UJA Federation of NY sponsored an antisemitic blood libel film?   We’ve also pointed out how one New Israel Fund staffer believes that Israel is guilty of terrorism, and how the mainstream “Jewish” establishment organizations such as the UJA/UJC/Jewish Federations of North America, etc., help fund the No Israel Fund, and how even the Jewish Chronicle in London celebrated the No Israel Fund and we’ve pointed out facts about the NIF, such as these from NGO Monitor:

  • NIF has granted more than $200 million to more than 800 organizations in Israel.” This includes $40 million from the Ford Foundation for “peace and social justice” programs.
  • In 2008, NIF distributed over $20 million to over 300 NGOs in Israel. Approximately 20% goes to NGOs that engage in political activities related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, including some that reject the legitimacy of Israel as Jewish democratic state, and are active in boycott and similar campaigns.
  • Examples:
read the rest at

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Hypocritical Jewish Organizations

April 17, 2010

there will be peace when we are not afraid to say the truth

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