Why #Twitter misses the mark

March 5, 2013
IF you’ve ever viewed Twitter as a gauge of public opinion, a weathervane marking the mood of the masses, you are very much mistaken.

That is the rather surprising finding of a new US study, which suggests the microblog zeitgeist differs markedly from mainstream public opinion.
“Twitter users are not representative of the public,” Washington DC think tank, Pew Research Center, concluded.
Experts in Australia, where Twitter comment is regularly used in media reaction to major new stories or a method of interaction for television programs like the ABC’s Q&A, agreed with the US findings.
“While Twitter can give you a good idea of the extremes of how people feel about certain topics, when it comes to measuring opinion of the general public about major issues, it’s pretty useless,” Laura Demasi, of marketing firm IPSOS Australia, told AAP.
Pew Research’s study examined eight major US news events, including November’s presidential election, and compared views expressed on Twitter with national polling.
The two didn’t match.
“At times the Twitter conversation is more liberal than the survey responses, while at other times it is more conservative,” the study said.
The study highlighted a decision made in California’s Federal Court which ruled that laws barring same-sex marriage were unconstitutional.
Almost half of the Twitter conversations about the verdict were positive, eight per cent were negative and 46 per cent were neutral.
But wider public opinion on the decision was more mixed – with 33 per cent saying it was a positive ruling, 44 per cent negative and 15 per cent neutral.
The reason, Pew Research Center says, is that only a “narrow sliver” of the population use Twitter.
A recent study by French social media analysts Semiocast showed there were 140 million Twitter accounts in the US – more than one third of the population.
But users tend to be younger and lean more toward the political left than right, the study said.
Ms Demasi added: “Twitter penetration in Australia is not that big so while at times it seems like the whole country is talking about something, it’s really just 50 people and a few hundred or thousand who are listening in.”
Dr John Lenarcic, from Melbourne’s RMIT University, suggested Facebook may offer a more accurate view of public sentiment.


Twitter Goes “Establishment” On Free Expression

February 7, 2012

(Brian Cuban) Media_httpa0twimgcomp_kbpusTwitter has announced they will begin deleting tweets at the request of certain countries.  This has caused an uproar from free speech advocates.  In reality, it simply brings Twitter in line with other major social media sites whose content interacts with the borders and laws of other countries who may not view free expression the same way we do here in the United States.
Note that in my title I used the phrase, “Free Expression” instead of “free speech” or “freedom of speech.”  I did this because there is a major difference in application.  Whether Twitter does or does not censor content in this country is  not a First Amendment  issue.  The First Amendment only applies to goverment restrictions on speech. Twitter is a private company and can restrict speech in any way it sees fit.   It is frankly surprising that Twitter has taken so long to recognize that speech does not occur in social media in a “free expression vacuum”
Prior to this announcement and after, Twitter will continue to be the most liberal platform in terms of free expression. It has virtually no restrictions on speech in it’s Terms of Service. Users are  allowed to be as racist, hateful and to a degree threatening as they like as long as the tweet does not constitute a “true threat” as defined by Twitter.
Conspicuously missing are the rules against certain types of “hate speech” that you see on Facebook, YouTube and other major sites even under the most vague definition of such content.  This has lead to a wild west atmosphere of ethnic, racial and pretty much any type of vile speech that can be imagined allowable as long as no U.S. laws are being broken and no true threat is made.  The problem Twitter  faces is that what is legal and allowable here may not be allowable if the tweet originated from another country that has hate speech laws in effect.  The must now strike a balance between growth in these countries and free expression. This is not a new dilemma.
eBay and Yahoo banned the buying and selling of Nazi memorabilia world wide even though it is not illegal in the United States but illegal in several countries in Europe.   For the last few years Facebook has blocked Holocaust Denial and other content in countries which such expression is illegal even though it is not illegal in this country under First Amendment principles
This was not a morality move nor a judgment on the nature of hate speech or other expression that may be illegal in other countries.  Twitter did not care about that before the decision and does not care now.  Twitter  simply wants worldwide growth and for it’s executives to stay out of foreign courts.   In order to accomplish that they have to take world wide morality and legal standards into account.  This move was inevitable and necessary to achieve that.  Welcome to the “Free Expression Establishment.”

The self righteous can now use the U.S postal service as a social network. It’s a culture. One network isn’t better then the other. It’s what I’ve said for a while. Still, it is quite upsetting that twitter thinks an account from some Jihadist group is free expression, but are willing to muffle the expression of people in third world countries. From the start twitter didn’t respect their own terms. They actually don’t give a lot of energy towards justifying their arguments (yes I put them to the test… twitter thinks using twitterfeed is “architectural abuse”)… but like you say… it’s their network. right? so if that is the way it is… then perhaps we need to take the technology rights away from them. It would appear their innovation is getting in the way of the rights of others. Anti-Trust is the way to go.

Shurat HaDin warns Twitter

January 2, 2012

twitter eats it Pictures, Images and Photosthis has been going on since the start of twitter… and yet the so called early adopters of twitter in tech felt that an account called @NoahDavidSimon and around 25 other accounts I created after being disabled was more dangerous then these accounts. I am again reminded of the situation where I was forced to create Panopticons to surveillance these profiles if blocked. Eventually the hostility form the early twitter community led to my arrest and extradition to Washington State… and yet somehow terrorist accounts were overlooked. It is questionable why any law enforcement agency would arrest someone and call someone a stalker for using public feeds, but it did happen. The drawing above was done during this period in my life. I was arrested for what had been done to protect myself on twitter from a very hostile element that was organized against Jewish activists. I was also censored. (REDRAW)

(Carl) Israeli-based Shurat HaDin has warned Twitter that it could face possible legal action if it continues to allow designated terrorist groups to hold accounts.

The Law Center has sent a letter to Twitter CEO Richard Costolo, warning that the company could fall foul of strict US anti-terror legislation by providing social media services to organizations designated as terrorist groups under US law.
Over 7,700 people follow Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar TV’s Twitter account. Al-Manar tweets links back to its Arabic language news site, which features articles condemning the ‘Zionist Enemy Entity’ alongside a photo gallery of Hezbollah ‘martyrs’ and a video library of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s speeches.
Somali-based Al-Shabaab, which tweets in English under the username HSM Press Office, has over 7,200 Twitter followers. Its user profile explains that al-Shabaab is ‘part of the global struggle towards the revival of the Islamic Khilaafa [Caliphate.]’
Both Hezbollah and al-Shabaab have been designated foreign terrorist organizations by the US government, and al-Manar TV is listed as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist entity.
Law Center Director Nitsana Darshan-Leitner said that by permitting al-Shabaab and Hezbollah to run accounts, Twitter is violating US anti-terror laws, and cites a recent ruling by the US Supreme Court, which found that providing any assistance or support to terrorists is illegal.

#JIDF can expect to see filters on #hashtags (Saudi’s Prince #Alwaleed buys $300 million #Twitter stake)

December 22, 2011

(REPLAY) When Chevron took part in World AIDS day I noticed that someone was filtering hashtags. you can expect to see more of this on twitter. Don’t say I didn’t warn everyone when everyone was thumbing their nose at facebook exclusively.

(finance.yahoo.com) DUBAI (Reuters) – Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, an investor in some of the world’s top companies, has bought a stake in Twitter for $300 million, gaining another foothold in the global media industry.

Alwaleed, a nephew of Saudi Arabia’s king and estimated by Forbes magazine to be the 26th richest person in the world with a $19.6 billion fortune, already owns a 7 percent stake in News Corp and plans to start a cable news channel.
The purchase is remarkable because Twitter was a key means of communication for protesters in the Arab Spring revolts this year, violence that threatened Saudi Arabia until the kingdom unveiled a populist $130 billion social spending package.
Twitter, which allows people to send 140-character messages, or Tweets, to groups of followers, is one of the internet’s most popular social networking services, along with Facebook and Zynga.
The Twitter stake, bought jointly by Alwaleed and his Kingdom Holding Co investment firm, resulted from “months of negotiations,” Kingdom said.
Bernhard Warner, co-founder of analysis and advisory firm Social Media Influence, said: “The Arab world, of course, knows full well the value of Twitter. In the past year, it has been a force in politics, in regime change, so there is not a single person in that region in a position of influence who is not following the increasing power of Twitter.
“(Alwaleed) must see Twitter as something that is going to be a really powerful broadcast channel,” he said, adding the Saudi had got into the internet boom belatedly, with mixed results, and appeared to be “kind of late” to the game again.
Investors in Saudi Arabia were more bullish, sending shares in Kingdom up 7 percent to 8.40 riyals.
“One of the few sectors to record significant revenue gains in the last three years has been technology, which is why Kingdom would see Twitter as a good addition to its diversified portfolio,” said Hesham Tuffaha, head of asset management at Bakheet Investment Group in Riyadh.
Saudis are increasingly turning to satellite television, online news providers and social networking to stay abreast of world events. The world’s No. 1 oil exporter announced a series of stricter regulations for journalists earlier this year.
Alwaleed, who has a sizeable stake in Citigroup, has spoken in favour of broader political participation, fair elections and effective job creation across the Arab world.
Investors are eagerly anticipating an initial public offering from Twitter, which said in September it was in no hurry to go public. It raised $400 million in venture capital financing this summer.
It now counts more than 100 million active users who log onto the service at least once a month. Facebook, the world’s largest social network has more than 750 million active users.
Internet search giant Google recently launched a social networking service dubbed Google+ which some observers say could lure users away from Twitter.
Shares in online games developer Zynga ended at a 5 percent discount to their issue price on their trading debut on Friday, and analysts said any valuation for Twitter could be misleading.
“You could put any number of zeroes behind a valuation of a private company. Before it goes public, it is almost meaningless,” said Warner.
“This is a very small group of investors which has put money into this thing. That will be diluted and diluted and diluted again until it goes public. And that is when we will see what the value is. These are kind of magic numbers at the moment.”
Kingdom owns a near-30 percent stake in Saudi Research and Marketing Group, which runs a range of media titles.
“Our investment in Twitter reaffirms our ability in identifying suitable opportunities to invest in promising, high-growth businesses with a global impact,” Alwaleed said.
Alwaleed subscribed $500 million to last year’s General Motors IPO. In August, he unveiled plans to build the world’s tallest tower in Jeddah.
(Reporting by Sitaraman Shankar; Additional reporting by Georgina Prodhan in London and Matt Smith in Dubai; Editing by Erica Billingham and Dan Lalor)

UPDATED #ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend? to see if you can legally get away with this hashtag on twitter or if I can get it trending again

August 11, 2011

After this post was made I received a warning and a penalty from facebook for friending “PEOPLE who I don’t KNOW”. Like most activists I network with like minded people and not PEOPLE I KNOW. Facebook doesn’t like it’s feathers ruffled. They are trying to remind me that they can act in a PUNITIVE manner. Typical Seattle politics. If you are wondering why I am using the deplorable hashtag, it is to remind the social networks of the hypocritical culture that they enable. I know for a fact that the people and law in Seattle will look the other way at Anti-Semitism, but will be upset by misogyny. My hope is that the worst lemmings of feminist culture will be shocked and click the link and be faced with their own double standard.

…People on twitter are linking to some writing called
Do These Vile Facebook Comments Deserve Free Speech Protection? A better question is why this is such a bloggable issue when it deals with Atheists, when no one cared at facebook when they did the same to Jews. If the context is clear in a threat then it really isn’t a first amendment issue, It is a question of should the state arrest people for making threats… well of course they should! Notice that facebook after being notified about these accounts over a year ago did nothing. In fact these comments were made during the period where facebook deleted the profile of David Appletree of the JIDF. Notice they didn’t do the same thing for Yerkzilla The DinoJew. But supposedly the JIDF profile was deleted because facebook claimed Appletree wasn’t a real name. So what is Bronagh Cleeverhook Gallagher up to these days? She is still on facebook like most of the names mentioned below…

Wiener’s Wiener: Dem. Rep’s ‘Hacking’ Story Falls Apart?

May 31, 2011

I’m not a fan of Wiener the Macho Spaz, but I believe him here…

Over the last few days New York Congressman Anthony Wiener, a Democrat, claimed that his Twitter account had been hacked when it was revealed that “someone” sent a sexually graphic picture to a young woman in Washington State from his account.
The photo, a picture of a briefs-clad man sporting an erection, was sent to a young college student named Gennette Nicole Cordova who is a student at Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, Washington. This young woman once Tweeted that Wiener was her “boyfriend.” No one is sure what sort of relationship Wiener has with Cordova if any. But there seems to be some links.
Another reason why this is very suspicious. Miss Cordova is purported to be just some random person that the Wiener Twitter “hacker” targeted. What makes this seem less and less likely is that Miss Cordova has in the last two days gone to great lengths to try and erase herself from the Internet. She has systematically closed accounts and even removed her name from stories she wrote for her school newspaper. If she was just an innocent, random person in this story, why has she gone to such pains to try and erase herself like that? Seems more like guilt driving her actions, don’t you think?

Google Blames Being Hacked On China

not a hacker?

For his part, Rep. Wiener claims his Twitter account was hacked. This does not ring true.

WHAT? Do you have any idea how many times my twitter account has been hacked and twitter did nothing about it? Yes… I know he is a Democrat… and I don’t even really like him… but this sounds like an online sex lynch mob against a Jew. the libel doesn’t stop… even against Jews who are liberal.

Why would a hacker hack Wiener’s Twitter account to send only one photo to some girl in Washington State (who claimed to be his girlfriend) and then just leave without doing other things?

because it destroyed his reputation and the hacker did not want to stay around to get caught… duh!

Its far more likely that Wiener sent the photo himself. This elaborate “I was hacked” story does not ring true.

Weiner Calls for
of More than
700 Terrorist Videos
on YouTube…
could this be a motive
to hack his account
and destroy his life…


Failing to Recognize
Yerushalayim by Wiener

…guilty because you don’t believe people’s accounts get hacked?  that is a lot of faith for a network who was hacked by Iranian hackers. in fact I suspect some of the employees at twitter are part of the prank… but I have about as much evidence as this blogger has that Wiener wanted to destroy his life.

Anyway, whatever the case, many bloggers are having fun with this one. Stacy McCain has a great timeline of what has happened thus far. But this is the extent of my interest in the matter. Check out McCain’s post on this one for more information. via chicagonow.com

Twitter hacked by Iranian Cyber Army;
signs off with poem to Khamenei

go figure… Washington State again with the accusation against men… particularly Jewish men. I hope Wiener learns a little about what goes on in this liberal state and changes his politics. I didn’t comment before because I felt my dislike of Macho Spaz Anthony Wiener would make me biased, but after reading this you know this is a sexual lynch mob as usual from the usual place. They accuse this guy of being a predator online because they refuse to acknowledge that accounts can be hacked.

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Twitterati Morons Blame Islamic Deathfest on Qur’an Burning Pastor

April 2, 2011

The brain-dead are up in arms again – and we’re not talking about Qur’an burning pastor Terry Jones:
The kind of simple-minded, ‘me-too’ mentality that feels the need to post on Twitter’s ‘trending topics’ meme-of-the-moment timelines has gleefully rounded on Terry Jones, the US Pastor, who leads the fundamentalist Dove World Outreach Center in Florida – who finally delivered on his promise to publicly burn a Qur’an in protest at the undeniable fact that:

“…….parts of the Koran, if taken literally, do lead to violence and terrorist activities, do promote racism or prejudice against minorities, against Christians, against women,” he said shortly after the Koran burning.

Using Jones’ protest as their cue – and incensed by the usual whipping-up of violent fervour by Islamic clerics, Muslims in Afghanistan went on the rampage in Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. A total of fourteen people were killed, including some of the protesters themselves, three UN workers and four Nepalese guards.
Here’s a sample of some of the comments posted:

You can see the rest on Twitter.

read more via undhimmi.com
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