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February 11, 2012

By REUTERS via Jerusalem Post


JEWISH DOLLS by J. Levine Books & Judaica

October 3, 2011
Gali Girls are the first Jewish dolls of their kind. Gali Girls represent Jewish values such as modesty, kindness, respect, and charity, among others. Gali Girls are modestly dressed in trendy shirts and skirts to distinguish them from most other dolls on the market that are dressed to accentuate their bodies. Black (Darker Skin) Gali Girl comes with:
• Candle Glow print t-shirt
• Denim skirt with white pattern ruffle
• White Sneakers
• Matching Magen-David bracelets (for doll and for owner)
• 10 piece wooden toy Shabbat Kit with Paints and Brush
• Hebrew and English name Birth Certificate
Levine Judaica

that actually sounds like something everyone wants for their daughter. kind of a brilliant no brainer. Want to make a lot of money? See if you can invest in this company.

Breast Milk Baby Doll

July 17, 2011

So, along comes this doll and our liberals are alarmed:

New Doll That Teaches How To Breast Feed Causing Controversy

A new doll hitting stores in the U.S. is causing some controversy with parents. It’s called The Breast Milk Baby and it claims it teaches young girls how to breast feed.  The doll is made by Berjuan Toys, a company out of Spain. It comes with a special halter top that has two flowers where nipples would be. When a little girl puts on the top and holds the baby doll up the flowers, it makes suckling sounds.

…the toy has many parents asking if it’s going too far.

“I think that it’s totally bizarre to teach a prepubescent child how to breastfeed,” said Nicole from Manhattan. “Quite strange.”

“I think it’s very creepy,” said one woman. “I don’t think little kids should be breastfeeding.”

“I don’t approve of it at all. I think it’s ridiculous for a child. Let her learn it when she’s older,” said another woman.

…U.S. spokesman for Berjuan Toys, Dennis Lewis, says “Breastfeeding is good for babies, it’s good for mommies and it’s good for society. We really don’t understand why this has created such controversy.” Lewis also claimed in a release promoting the doll’s introduction to the U.S. market, that the company has “been asked by millions of U.S. women to offer the doll here.”

What ever happened to liberal values, multiculturalism, free enterprise?

via YMedad
and the Oakland Press

Iran Reported to Shut Factory Making ‘Neda’ Figurines –

July 1, 2010
Photographs of Neda Agha-Soltan, who was shot and killed during protests last year in Iran, at a Vienna demonstration in January.

A factory in Iran has been closed down after trying to mass-produce statuettes of people who were killed in the protests that followed last year’s disputed presidential election, among them Neda Agha-Soltan, the 26-year-old who became an icon of the opposition when a video of her shooting was broadcast around the world.

Murad Sezer/Reuters via

The pro-government Aty News Web site reported on Wednesday that the factory, in the northern province of Semnan, was closed after just one month, though officials denied the closure.
The Web site reported that the managing director, identified only by his initials, H. M., had intended to produce figurines of Ms. Agha-Soltan and had campaigned for one of the defeated candidates in last year’s presidential election.
It also states that the factory’s 40 female employees were discovered working without the head coverings and loose-fitting clothes required by Iranian law, and that they were mixing freely with male staff members.
Ms. Agha-Soltan became a martyr for Iran’s opposition, after her death from a gunshot wound was captured on a video that circulated widely on the Internet. Government security forces killed around 70 people in their effort to suppress the protests last year, according to human rights groups.
Neda Agha-Soltan’s memory was revived in a 70-minute HBO documentary, which was broadcast last week over the Voice of America’s satellite news channel, days before the June 12 anniversary of the presidential election, which the opposition says was stolen. Opposition leaders have called for mass rallies to observe the anniversary, though the government is assembling an enormous security force to prevent them.
Mass-produced statuettes of Ms. Agha-Soltan would have been intolerable for the Iranian government, which has continued to deny that members of the government-financed Basij militia were responsible for her death last June. Iran’s state-controlled media have issued various explanations for her death, including the allegation that a BBC correspondent had arranged for her to be shot as part of a news media war against the country.
In January, Iran’s international English-language news channel, Press TV, carried a report claiming that Ms. Agha-Soltan faked her death with the aid of accomplices who later killed her on her way to the hospital.
Last month, the semiofficial Fars news agency reported that the Intelligence Ministry had produced a new documentary on Ms. Agha-Soltan that would include further evidence that her death was part of a “Western plot.”

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Hasbro And Matel are you noting this? I heard you were creating Islamic toys… here is one that makes sense.