Irish Artist Nicky Larkin. Against Useful Eejits

March 12, 2012
(Propaganda By Terry Glavin) Nicky Larkin is an Irish artist and filmmaker (Click for more)
Last spring, the Jesuit sociologist Micheál MacGréil published the disturbing results of a study on Irish identity and pluralism that found direct links between anti-Israel hysteria and antisemitism in Ireland. More than half of the study’s opinion-poll respondents said they would be unwilling to accept a Jew as a family member, and anti-Jewish bigotry registered the highest in the 18-25 age group. A fifth of the poll respondents said they would bar Irish citizenship to Israelis, and 11.5 per cent said they would bar Irish citizenship to Jews.

Gaza to receive 7.5 TIMES more US aid per head [ $ 579.95 ] than Haiti [ $77.47 ]

June 20, 2011

This astounding Haiti-Gaza comparison does not get much media or political or NGO notice.

This story is even much worse than it seems – when you look at both the populations and deaths involved.

CIA estimate is [ 2009 ] 1,551,859 people in Gaza, but 5,035,536 in Haiti.
This means that PER HEAD, Gaza gets $579.95 but Haiti only $77.47.

Gaza was thus pledged 7.5 TIMES as much per head after the IDF operation as Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

If you also look at the death toll, Haiti lost an estimated 230,000 on Jan 12, 2010, which equals US aid of $3,043.48 for every fatality.

The highest allegation of the Gaza death toll is 1,417 which would equal US aid of $ 635,144.7 per fatality.

For US aid, every Gaza death is worth 209 TIMES as much as one in Haiti.

Gaza lost at most under 0.0913 % of its population, but Haiti lost 4.568 %, or 50 times more.

Gaza lost 1 in every 1,095, but Haiti lost 1 in every 22 people.

But then Haiti is neither Arab nor Muslim.
And no oil-rich tyrants or suicide-bombers need to be appeased.

The UNDP Human Index Rankings also expose the myth of Palestinians as the *wretched of the earth*. Of 182 areas surveyed, Palestine is 110, in that ranking which looks at not only income but human well-being in many fields such as literacy and life expectancy.

In its *Medium Human Development* group, Palestine ranks above countries like Indonesia at number 111,
Bolivia at 113,
Vietnam at 116,
Egypt at 123,
South Africa at 129,
Morocco at 130,
India at 134,
Yemen at 140,
Pakistan at 141,
Haiti at 149,
Sudan at 150,
Tanzania at 151, and
Nigeria at 158.

Palestinian Life Expectancy at 73.3 years is same as EU member Hungary, while their Adult Literacy at 93.8% exceeds Philippines at 93.4%. As regards Children Under-weight By Age, it is like Russia where 3% of those are under 5, while Palestinian Incoming Remitances are $149 per head, compared with $150 in Israel, $101 for Egypt, $125 for Arab states overall, and $135 for Ireland.

Odd priorities at work in international aid ?
Saturday, June 12, 2010
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