BREAKING: Mayim Bialik Hospitalized After Car Accident. Elvis Costello not available for comment

August 16, 2012

Feminism fused with cultural Jewish Kosher Orthodoxy went out with a bang

(Algemeiner) “Bing Bang Theory” Star Mayim Bialik was injured in a car accident this afternoon in Los Angeles.
The accident reportedly occurred between Hollywood Boulevard and La Brea at around noon when Bialik’s white Volvo was hit at the intersection by another vehicle filled with tourists from Chile.
Emergency responders raced to the scene shortly after the incident. “Tons and tons of blood everywhere” one source told celebrity gossip website TMZ.
Sources also told TMZ that the 36-year-old Emmy-winning actress sustained injuries to her hand and is in danger of losing a finger. “Her finger was almost completely severed … it was just hanging there,” one source reported.
According to the latest update from Bialik’s Twitter page however, her hand will remain intact. “(husband typing) In pain but will keep all my fingers. If u wanna see pre accident me watch The Soup tonight lol #joelmchale @thesoup” she tweeted.
The actress, who is reportedly being treated at a nearby hospital, also responded to a tweet from Jewish A Capella group The Maccabeats, who asked their followers to pray for her. Bialik expressed her thanks as well as her faith, tweeting; “@Maccabeats made me cry. Rabbi at hospital gave me an art guys helped me learn to have faith. I need it now and have it! Thx!.” Later tonight Bialik’s scheduled appearance on E!’s entertainment show “The Soup” will be aired.

G-d must of not liked that little post about how much she liked Elvis Costello and how she met her husband that way. Just got blocked by a few fans for pointing out how either uninformed or caustically manipulative Bialik’s behavior was. yeah… I’m serious


Steven Seagal Cockblocker

September 17, 2011

Steven Seagal Threatened With Lawsuit Over Police Raid Taped for Reality Show (Report)Steven Seagal is being threatened with a lawsuit over his part in a police raid that was taped for his A&E reality show, TMZ reported. The actor, who has served as a reserve deputy sheriff since the mid-’80s, was part of a team that arrived at Jesus Sanchez Llovera’s Arizona house in March with a tank and armed in full riot gear, Llovera alleges in his legal documents. VIDEO: Steven Seagal Arrives for Police Bust in Tank. Llovera claims that the raid, carried out by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department, was “unfounded” because they believed Llovera was raising roosters for illegal cockfighting. But he says the roosters are only “for show.” Llovera — who served both Seagal and Sheriff Joe Arpaio with an official notice of claim, the first step toward a lawsuit — says his 11-month-old puppy was shot and killed during the raid and that police also killed more than 100 of his roosters.

I was wondering what happened to Steven Seagal. Hey Steven… come to my house and bring the cameras! I’m a convicted criminal too! Take my computer away… then I won’t be able to blog anymore about you! h/t EyeOnTheWorld

TMZ leaves out some key gossip on the Tareq Salahi story

September 17, 2011
Why not tell the whole thing TMZ? Tareq Salahi sat on the board of the American Task Force on Palestine? Why not mention that little bit of information? Or how about this? Journey filed a copyright complaint against a pro-Palestinian group. Why leave that kind of juicy information out? Hmmm? Media Bias! Kind of makes the whole juicy story less appetizing to the politically correct, but frankly cruel media. So here the media is telling you that you are getting the inside story… but the real inside story is that Tariq’s wife wanted to play on the other side of the political opinion. One other thing… as far as crashing Obama’s party… that was the one thing I liked about Salahi. It exposed Obama for the kind of snobby asshole that he is… that doesn’t even respect the people who got him to where he is today.