TheJesus TheGOD and QRU Loop

May 1, 2008

Last night I left three of my AVATARS in loop. I lost around 85 followers.

I was trying to control @TheGOD and @TheJesus. It didn’t work and it began controlling me. Back to the drawing board. I shouldn’t of let my cat try to talk me into bed. he kept on begging. I didn’t realize the feed would haywire.
My aliases on TWITTER are listed on my website. I’m keeping it transparent so it doesn’t bite me in the ass.
Eventually I assume most of you will unfollow n block me… but by that point I will have perfected the craft of puppet accounts! puppet accounts can be fed N2 a root account, where I can follow all fools that thought they could block me. there is NO blocking! the final account will take the RSS feed of multiple accounts and run it N2 one account. you will not realize the new account is me. twitter is about information, not privacy. this should scare off all the Betty eMOMs into a panopticon surveillance phobia. I realize that heirarchy is part of life’s function, but as a thinking person I have to make sure my reputation has thorns. it is less important to me if you follow me or not. what is important is I can follow enemies. this is all about following people that block me. that is it. I don’t care if they pay attention or not. I’m not the “BUGBLATTER BEAST” if you don’t follow me, I’m still dangerous to values that have not been tried. I know u can’t defeat logic. I don’t know anyone here enough to know if they r enemies yet, what I do know is most people unfollow n “block” because of nothing. It could be tyranny, but I didn’t create TWITTER, and if you don’t like it… YOU CAN’T BLOCK me. those r my thorns. u can UNFOLLOW with the button, but if u anger me I will enter ur community n convince ur friends that ur wrong. no more BLOCKING. interesting feeds r created by those whose opinions r not popular. they block when questioned. I want in. I want 2 learn n dialogue. I know I don’t have 2 like or agree 2 benefit. I love reading Nietzsche n Machiavelli. I assume they would block. my cycle last night was not intentional. I already realized it was theoretically possible. I was trying to filter it out. the idea is to cycle and control multiple avatars from a central one. not create a loop. if I can accomplish this then I can speak to those that block me. speak to the dead so to speak. theoretically I can make Jesus speak by saying on this account. end result was creating a loop.

Answer my question? “Is it ethical to follow people on TWITTER that don’t want to be