Halle Berry Makes An Anti-Semitic Comment

June 16, 2011

Hey Halle we can take a bigoted joke. Can you? See how you like it! NO BIG DEAL RIGHT?

TYT thinks Halle Berry’s Anti-semitic Comment is not a big deal. Go figure… the Turks don’t think Jew Jokes are that bad.

The Young Turks Go Spinning

…………………..It is almost like the Turk’s sensibilities come right out of Turkey.  Cenk Uygur would of gotten along swell with Helen Thomas in her prime.


The Young Turks Go Spinning

June 12, 2010
via youtube.com

The Young Turks follow the narrative that counters all found evidence.  Further there was no aid on board of the Mava Mamari. What is more is it appears that Hamas has rejected any aid resulting from the flotilla. It has been confirmed that Obama was behind the demand forcing the young IDF soldiers to use paint balls against violent terrorists through the Israeli defense minister former PM Barak. Many of Obama’s top staff were behind the flotilla which used cruelty only seen in movies.

the key: Under the law of a blockade, intercepting a vessel could apply globally so long as a ship is bound for a “belligerent” territory, legal
experts say. 

the blockade is legal if it proportionately can be argued that it saves lives. Even if it doesn’t