Reporter for Iranian news agency arrested for India bombing

March 7, 2012
(EOZ) From NDTV: An Indian journalist who allegedly works for an Iranian news agency has been arrested in Delhi for last month’s bomb attack on an Israeli diplomatic vehicle in New Delhi. Israel has accused Iran of orchestrating the attack.

Syed Mohammed Kazmi, who is 50, was brought to a Delhi court today. He was sent to 20-day police custody. He has admitted to being part of the conspiracy, says the police. The police say its investigations show he had been in touch with a man on a motorcycle who planted the bomb using a magnetic on the car.
The police say it searched Kazmi’s house over the past two days to gather evidence of his link to the February 13 attack, which wounded the diplomat’s wife, her driver and two other people in a nearby car. Police did not say what evidence they found.
The blast came the same day a bomb was discovered on an Israeli diplomat’s car in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. The next day, three Iranians accidentally blew up their house in Thailand, and Israeli authorities said the similarity between their explosives and the two earlier bombs linked Iran to all three incidents.
Israel has accused Iran of waging a covert campaign of state terror and has threatened military strikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.

But if you read Al Jazeera, you know that it was a Zionist false flag operation. As it always is. (h/t Philtheman)



Bumbling Iranian bombers cavorted with Thai prostitutes before it all blew up

February 19, 2012

(Carl) Remember pictures came out after 9/11 of the terrorists out on the town with prostitutes? Well, look at this:

The three bungling Iranian bombers detained in Bangkok after they accidentally set off their explosives cavorted with prostitutes at a beach resort days before the botched attacks.

A photograph has emerged of the trio cosying up to sex workers, surrounded by hookah-pipes and drinks, in a bar in the notoriously sleazy city of Pattaya.

The revelation comes as it emerged police are now hunting for two more suspects, including a possible bomb expert, they think helped the trio as they set about targeting Israeli diplomats.

considering it was a botch job, this photo is going to look stupid.

Israelis save drowning Iranians

November 29, 2011

(YNET)(h/t Israel Matzav)Last week the father-son team went out on their daily rowing course. “The weather here is tropical,” Shimshon explained. “Things can change in a second. And indeed, on the way back, the weather changed all at once. The winds got stronger and the waves grew tall.”
Suddenly, they noticed two swimmers who were crying out for help. “Their Kayak had overturned in the storm and was swept away, they were left alone in the water,” said Shimshon. “They didn’t have much of a chance.”
The two lifeguards rowed towards the drowning men. “When we reached them they were already at the point of exhaustion,” nimrod noted. ” “We loaded them on to the surf boat and kept rowing towards the shore, a kilometer away.”
For 45 minutes the two battled against the winds and the waves with the swimmers on board. “When they came around and started talking among themselves I noticed they were speaking in Persian. I was born in Iran and speak the language. I told them in Persian: ‘Don’t be scared, you’re in good hands,” Shimshon recalls.
When they reached the shore the two, who introduced themselves as Mundar and Ali, hugged and kissed their rescuers and thanked them.
“When we told them we’re Israelis they just got up and fled,” Nimrod noted.