Haredi School Expells 9 Girls For Possession Of Non-Kosher Cellphones

October 29, 2010
Ultra-Orthodox rabbis have forbidden the use of “non-kosher” cell phones, which allow SMS text messaging.

Motorola-qa1-cell-phone Nine students from the Beis Yaakov Yerushalayim (BJJ) Jerusalem High School were expelled because they own “non-kosher” cell phones.

I’m not Orthodox, but I wish I could ban text messaging with a few women I know. I am curious what caused the rabbis to ban them? phones like smart phones can ring on the sabbath so that could not be the issue. It probably directly relates to a very Jewish prohibition of gossip… which is about the lowest thing a person can do.
I support the Haredi on this one… though I’d question the Judaic reasoning. People do other things then gossip when texting.
though I could see why they would. young girls who are not talking are likely texting behind your back.