H/T @ChallahHuAkbar: Tel Aviv was ranked the number one desirable destination in the world for the #LGBT community, sweeping 43% of votes

January 11, 2012

stop picking on Jews… Media_httpwwwguygomel_gnhdf


The top ten list, compiled as part of an American Airlines competition, included New York, Toronto, Sao Paulo, Madrid, London, New Orleans and Mexico City. (Ynet)

now what was that the LGBT community in New York City was saying all last year? oh… yeah… they were picking on Jews while their counterparts in the rest of the Arab world were literally hanged .


The medical NGO’s war on Israel

November 26, 2011

Giulio Meotti summarizes the extreme bias that the medical NGO’s display toward Israel.

A case in point is how the Red Cross allocates personnel and budgets worldwide. For North Africa, the Red Cross has one office in Tunis. For “Israel/Occupied Territories/Autonomous Territories,” the Red Cross has offices in Jenin, Tulkarm, Nablus, Kalkilya, Ramallah, Jericho, Bethlehem, Hebron, Gaza, Khan Yunis, Majdel Shams, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv.
Western newspapers, imbued with the ideological reports of medical NGOs, establish a comparison between the Palestinians and South Africa’s blacks, who were critically injured and left to bleed to death if there was no “black” ambulance to rush them to a “black” hospital. Jewish altruism never finds its legitimate space in the global media because it doesn’t fit in with the stereotype propagated by the medical NGOs.

It would be enough to stroll through the corridors of Israeli hospitals to understand how false the “apartheid” charge by medical NGOs is. Large Arab families stand with Israelis in the corridors of the maternity wards where one is born and in the oncology clinics where one dies. Through the private program “Save the heart of a child,” the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon cures congenital cardiologic defects in Arab children from all over the world. About half the children it treats are from the nearby Palestinian areas and there have also been some from Iraq and Iran, both technically at war with Israel.

Medical organizations never blamed the Palestinians for attacks on Israeli hospitals. Hadassah University Medical Center on Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus recently released a report, noting that it suffered 43 attacks by east Jerusalem Arabs in 2011. During the last “Nakba Day” events alone, 11 firebombs were thrown into the Mount Scopus campus.
The medical groups also didn’t report that 10 Gaza hospitals were used by Hamas during Operation Cast Lead to shelter weapons and terrorists.
Today Magen David Adom vehicles do not enter the Arab neighborhoods of east Jerusalem without police authorization and military escort. It’s not because of the “apartheid,” but rather, because terrorists tried to hit the doctors. During the Intifada, MDA had to replace the windows of its ambulances in the Jerusalem region with glass that does not shatter if hit by rocks. Read the whole thing.

The picture at the top of this post comes from a post on in 2006 which documented the International Red Cross assisting Hezbullah terrorists to escape from the Second Lebanon War. That story is here.

Time for a constitution?

September 17, 2011

This post appears to be less interested in making a constitution and more interested in creating FDR’s proposed second Bill of Rights. The U.S. constitution is specifically successful because it demands that government not do certain things. a written constitution that demands what government must do would be a nightmare to it’s constituents. The mere fact that a government has a constitution is not a winning formula by default. The core laws of a nation must be designed to restrict power. This post appears to demand that Israel create laws that demand a lot of power for the people in power. Let’s hope if Israel creates a core written code that they keep what worked in Democracy in mind. If Israel goes this route it will merely mean that Israel will be less stable then it is.

(Time for a constitution by YANIV ROZNAI @ The Jerusalem Post)
Social justice! Welfare! Health! Housing! These are the slogans we hear nowadays from every street corner. But one outcry is missing: Constitution! And this is despite the fact that the absence of a written constitution is at the root of the current crisis.

So just from the opening here we can assume that the Yaniv Roznai is making the assumption that social inequalities are a result of a government that has no authority over it’s people. A dubious opening idea.

Indeed, it would be true to say that Israel has a constitution, at least in the substantive sense. The basic laws of the state are its constitution. But that is a partial one, a limited and crippled one. The current situation is unsatisfactory. The protesters are asking to “change the rules of the game,” and this public protest has to be used to promote elections for a constituent assembly that would draft a constitution.

change the rules? But do the people benefit?

A constitution presupposes the existence of an original constituent power. It is established by the will of this power and is valid because it derives from a constitution-making capacity. In the modern era, the constitution of a nation is regarded as a creation ex-nihilo, receiving its normative and universal status from the political will of the people to act as a constitutional authority, and through which “the people” manifest themselves as a political and legal unity.

To assume something comes out of nothing which is what all constitutions do is a good thing, however not all constitutions last. Why? Because to control a system from a core document is a stupid idea. The only way a core document has any purpose is by limiting all that is put on top of it.

The original constituent power is never exhausted; it remains present, alongside and above every constitution.
However, it only manifests through constitutional events such as declarations of independence, revolutions, constitutional plebiscites, popular initiatives or special constitutional conventions. In order for the original constituent power to be direct, these forms must have a special character – i.e., separate from other public functions – thereby replacing revolution with peaceful means, incorporating actual, deliberate, free choice by society’s members.

WRONG! Laws do not come by peace. Laws and Government come out of the blood of those who fight for it. Now you know we are dealing with leftist propaganda.

The important feature is the collective nature of the original constituent power – the word constituere marks the act of founding together, jointly. The present public outcry can be such a constitutional event: hundreds of thousands of people going out to the streets mark the beginning of the awakening of the public collective, the resurrection of the original constituent power. There is a reason the leaders of the public outcry announced that “there is a feeling of reestablishing the state.”

sounds more like someone is putting a giant fart right in the middle of the land of milk and honey

The process of utilizing this awakening is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. The materials are out there. As of 2003, the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee has been working on drafting a national constitution. It has held dozens of meetings, received thousands of pages of background papers, all with the participation of academics, organizations and members of the public. Based on the committee’s debates, its staff prepared a detailed draft of a constitution that includes different alternatives and versions for various issues and is accompanied by explanations and proposals for discussion. This is a comfortable base on which to begin.

uh oh.

It has to be clear: A constitution and economic growth are inseparable. Constitutional stability can provide the essential predictability for markets to flourish. Moreover, research shows that constitutional stability is negatively associated with crisis propensity and positively associated with political stability, democracy and GDP per capita.

true, but not the way this guy is talking

A new constitution could also explicitly incorporate the social and economic rights neglected so far – the right to health, housing, education, etc. Such a move may help block the expansion of the existing economic inequality and spread an additional protective net for the citizens.

…there… he said it.

One has to look beyond the immediate demands of the outcry. Any solution that the government would propose would be no more than a cosmetic change – a slight renovation, a rearranging of the furniture. But we need a basic structural change. Therefore, the current momentum has to be utilized to promote the election of a constituent assembly separate from the Knesset. That assembly would have a single mandate: to prepare a constitution. Its work ought to be limited in time, and at the end, the constitution should be brought to the people in a referendum.
The current outcry is an opportunity that will not reappear any time soon. This is the time for a constitution.
The author is a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

In conclusion this guy is looking to create a set of laws that do all the wrong ideas and claiming that this is a good thing because laws that are good work. These leftists are desperate to remarket something that sounds like socialism or labor in new packaging. Sadly people do fall for these gimmicks as we have seen from Obama. I just know there is denied correlative in there somewhere. I can just hear myself going… yeah… but…

Iron Dome Economics Not Sustainable

August 30, 2011

the IDF has no plans to fund multiple Iron Dome batteries. Ha’aretz estimates that each intercept missile could cost approximately $40,000 and each Iron Dome battery $500,000, while Hamas’ Qassam rockets cost roughly $150 each to produce. If you shoot a large volley of rockets at it all at once, On Saturday, the terror groups attempted to break through the intercept system’s defenses by firing a particularly large volley of rockets at Be’er Sheva, where one of the batteries is deployed… …After the Palestinian launch teams realized that the intercept systems deployed in the past two weeks around Ashkelon and Be’er Sheva provided near-perfect protection from rockets, they began targeting Ashdod and Ofakim more frequently. And when they did aim at Be’er Sheva on Saturday night, they did not fire one or two rockets, as in the past, but rather a volley of seven rockets almost simultaneously. Iron Dome intercepted five of them successfully, but one penetrated the defense system, exploding in a residential area and killing Yossi Shushan. And wounding eight other people and doing lots of property damage. Seven rockets cost Hamas $1,050 ($150 each). The six that Iron Dome shoots down cost $600,000 to shoot down ($50,000 per interceptor, two interceptors per rocket). The one got through cost one dead Israeli, eight wounded Israelis, and several hundred thousand dollars in property damage.

Iron Dome is overrated, cannot protect Ben Gurion Airport from a ‘Palestinian state’. Iron Dome would be very sustainable if Israel took over Gaza again. It is a safety. It is no economic factor in Israel’s favor. It provides greater security… but economic security from a barrage of missiles would only come by direct control of Gaza.

Terror Attack in Tel-Aviv, At Least 7 Wounded, Attacker Caught

August 29, 2011

This on Going War: the end of the Islamic religious period of Ramadan this week is predictably a time when Islamists execute just this kind of vicious attack.

(To those who don’t speak MEDIA JIVE… “Islamists” is what Al Jazeera and sadly the rest of the media calls a Muslim who kills… because the Muslims that don’t kill non Muslims don’t want to be called ignorant of their own religion.)

An Arab man driving a stole taxi smashed into a crowd of people outside of the Haoman 17 nightclub in south Tel Aviv. The suspect ran over two people, then exited the vehicle and began stabbing others, police said. The incident took place on Tel Aviv’s Abarbanel Street. .The suspect was captured by a team of Border Police officers on the scene. He was taken to the Wolfson Medical Center with light injuries. Large numbers of police are on the scene.
Police said the taxi used to ram victims had been stolen earlier.
“This looks like a terror attack,” a police source told The Jerusalem Post.
Of the injured, one was stabbed in head and stomach and is in grave condition; others moderately/lightly wounded. One of the wounded is in “unstable” condition.
There was a party taking place at the nightclub at the time of the incident.
Palestinians Israel Tel-Aviv Terrorist Attack
Source Rotrnik
The first reports of the incident came to Magen David Adom and the police around 1:30am.
Eyewitness say that the attacker shouted “Allahu Akbar” during the attack.
Carl is reporting that “Israel Radio now reporting that the terrorist came from Shchem (Nablus), that he stole the taxi in Jaffa.”
Authorities (Israel Police and Israel Security Agency aka Shin Bet) have begun reviewing the data on nearby security cameras. Police are on the scene, including a helicopter.
Israel’s Police Chief is currently headed to the scene of the attack. Police still believe this was a terrorist attack.
B = Haoman Nightclub
Israel’s Channel 2 is confirming the Israel Radio report that the attacker was from Nablus. Haaretz also confirms the attacker was Arab from Nablus.
Israel’s Channel 2 is now reporting that the attacker stabbed the owner of the taxicab after entering the cab.
Tel-Aviv District Commander says that the attack was definitely an “act of terror.”
Source: Maariv
The party at the nightclub was to celebrate the end of summer, many youth were reportedly present.
There were warnings that an attack may occur, but nothing concrete.
After taxicab was stolen, a report was issued, then the attacker went through a checkpoint and police realized they had serious incident. However, they believe mass casualty event has been prevented.
Israeli Police believe that over 1,000 youth were at the party. According to Haaretz around 2,000 youth were present.
A = Nablus, B = Haoman Night Club
It appears that the two people who were run over were police officers.
Israeli Police have confirmed this was a terrorist attack carried out by 25 year old Palestinian Arab from Nablus.
Five of the wounded are police officers.
Israel Radio is now reporting that the attack was planned around the youth party at the nightclub.
Israel’s Police Chief says that his forces were preparing for an attack like this. They believed attack would occur near end of Ramadan. There has been increased deployment in recent days.
In order to avoid panicking those at the party, the DJ was instructed to continue playing music for about an hour, until the scene outside the club was calmer. Once everything settled down outside, the youth were evacuated from the club.
The Haaretz report now includes this:
Benny Shai, one of the club’s employees who was outside the club at the time of the attack said, “We saw the taxi run into the barrier and we ran to help. We thought it was an accident.” He added that the event taking place in the nightclub “was a big party and I don’t want to know what would have happened if the terrorist had managed to enter or even get close to the entrance of the club and carry out his attack there.”

CHALLAH @ The Jerusalem Post h/t Docs Talk

Daphni Leef: How a woman in a tent became Israel’s top story

August 6, 2011

More than 350 people are now living in Tel Aviv's tented city after Daphni Leef invited fellow Israelis to join her protest on Facebookwhat did Leef do to bring her such national attention? She got chucked out of her flat. And then wrote on Facebook. Just over a month ago she was told that she needed to leave her Tel Aviv apartment because the building was slated for redevelopment. She started looking for a new home, and was shocked to find how expensive rents had become.
“I called up a friend and said, ‘I’m setting up a tent’,” she recalls. “He said I should calm down.” But she did not calm down – instead she opened a Facebook “event”, inviting people to erect tents in central Tel Aviv to protest against high housing prices.

More than 350 people are now living in Tel Aviv’s tented city after Daphni Leef invited fellow Israelis to join her protest on Facebook

It quickly gained momentum, and, a month later, there are 350 tents in Tel Aviv’s “tent city” where she lives, and more than 500 tents in spin-off demonstrations elsewhere in the country. The campaign is dominating the news. A poll by Haaretz suggests that some 87 per cent of Israelis are behind it. A fortnight ago 30,000 people marched in Tel Aviv in support. via thejc.com

Who is she? Does she support a two state solution? Does she think Islam is a religion of “Piece”? The fact that the media won’t tell me frightens me. If Israelis want to build homes, I’m all for it… but there is plenty of concrete in Tel Aviv. Judea and Samaria is where natural growth should occur. What is her take on that? I’m not optimistic.

Wikileaks: Assad not bluffing, nearly shot chem weapons at Israel

April 21, 2011

The headline of this Wikileaks disclosure is that Bashar al-Assad considered shooting chemical weapons at Israel in the aftermath of the destruction of his al-Kibar nuclear plant in 2007. But it’s not the headline to which Israelis should pay attention in this story. It’s the rest of it.

According to these documents, Israeli and American intelligence analysts met here in November 2009 and their deliberations produced four separate debriefings from the US Embassy to Washington.
From these it emerges that the Mossad is convinced that Syrian- and Iranian-backed Hezbollah is determined to fire as many as 400-600 rockets daily in the next round of hostilities with Israel, 100 of which will be aimed each day at Tel Aviv.
That war, estimate Mossad experts, could last for as long as two months, meaning that as many as 24,000- 36,000 missiles – 6,000 targeting Tel Aviv specifically – could be rained upon Israel from the north alone.
How the Hamas Iranian proxy would behave during that conflict is an unaddressed complication in the deeply worrying equation.
These are not speculative doomsday predictions which we can afford to repress in the far recesses of our collective consciousness. They become all the more relevant in the face of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s teetering position as he strives to hang on to power.
For one thing, the leaked information consistently reinforces allegations that, contrary to its international undertakings, Syria has continued supplying Hezbollah with ballistic missiles, including Scuds. The leaks further indicate that North Korea is stoking the regional arms build-up by providing missile systems to both Syria and Iran, which in turn sustain Hezbollah and Hamas.
The bottom line, in the Syrian context, is that Assad sits on a particularly large and nasty arsenal. Both his late father and he had practiced self-control, making their border with Israel exceedingly quiet to date, while transferring the confrontational brunt to the Lebanese and Gazan fronts. In other words, while the Assad regime had itself avoided open warfare with Israel, it was the nefarious catalyst actively fomenting trouble elsewhere.
It is in part because of his capacity for trouble-making, indeed, that the US has thus far refrained from openly calling for Assad’s removal. The conventional wisdom in Washington is that a relatively stable Syria will help facilitate the American exit from Iraq.

Sorry folks, but that’s letting the tail wag the dog. Setting a deadline for a US withdrawal from Iraq was a stupid move in the first place, as was the notion of making Afghanistan the ‘good war’ and Iraq the ‘bad war’ for which George Bush was to be blamed. There is no way there can be an ‘orderly withdrawal’ from Iraq now. Given everything else that is going on in the region, a US withdrawal from Iraq would put it under Syrian or Iranian hegemony (or both) in about a week.

Yet assuming, for argument’s sake, that Assad does not survive the mounting challenges to his rule, into whose hands would his formidable weapons and rocket stockpiles fall? One may disbelieve certain details and incidentals in individual WikiLeaks texts, but their entirety eminently accords with what had been evident from Damascus for too long. Assad has amassed and controls particularly deadly weaponry. For Israel, Assad is a cunning enemy. The danger is that he may well be supplanted by even more malicious, yet less restrained enemies.

Actually, as cruel as it may sound, we here in Israel may be better off if the ethnic groups in Syria kill each other in a bloodbath as Israeli experts on Syria are predicting will happen if Assad is deposed. If they’re busy killing each other, they will be too busy to go to war with us. If Assad is deposed, the IDF can neglect Syria and concentrate on destroying Hezbullah’s capabilities in Lebanon. No, it won’t be a walk in the park, but the IDF is certainly capable of handling Hezbullah. And at least if Tel Aviv is under fire (and it may be under fire from Hamas as well), you can bet that the IDF won’t hold back. Goldstone will be a distant memory. The open question is what Hamas will do in response and whether Egypt will respond at all.

sounds good to me! go at it guys!