Technology Pedestrian

February 4, 2008

the one reason I am glad I went to Carnegie Mellon is that it wizens you up with technology. the real technology geniuses… they are completely backwards anti tech people… the reason they are able to stay focused on one thing is that they don’t jump around and get excited by shiny new stuff. Tech people are not early adopters… I notice most Carnegie Mellon people aren’t on MySpace/facebook/Twitter… it is all the artsy fartsy people who are here. Tech people do what they do… and they focus on it. Like a craft. My roommate at Carnegie Mellon was a chip designer. In real life… the dude was uncultured, mild mannered… from Arkansas I think.. (though I can’t remember now), Church on Sundays, conservative with his girl, virgin till marriage… or at least he claimed that. He was addicted to Ridalin though, but that wasn’t his own fault… helped him use the computer for long periods of time. Guy was kind of quaint. not at all the cosmopolitan…. can’t be. Cosmopolitans wouldn’t have the patience to work out the boring codes. Chip design is terribly pedestrian… Chip design is kind of like drawing mazes… only difference is each path leads somewhere that follows some meaning… but a chip designer is looking so close up at the details that everything is terribly abstract.