TMZ leaves out some key gossip on the Tareq Salahi story

September 17, 2011
Why not tell the whole thing TMZ? Tareq Salahi sat on the board of the American Task Force on Palestine? Why not mention that little bit of information? Or how about this? Journey filed a copyright complaint against a pro-Palestinian group. Why leave that kind of juicy information out? Hmmm? Media Bias! Kind of makes the whole juicy story less appetizing to the politically correct, but frankly cruel media. So here the media is telling you that you are getting the inside story… but the real inside story is that Tariq’s wife wanted to play on the other side of the political opinion. One other thing… as far as crashing Obama’s party… that was the one thing I liked about Salahi. It exposed Obama for the kind of snobby asshole that he is… that doesn’t even respect the people who got him to where he is today.