Obama and Russia’s descent into tyranny

June 12, 2011
Media_http1bpblogspot_ghiihRyzhkov explains how Vladimir Putin’s party of power, United Russia, managed to go from 35% voter support in polls in the region of Tambov in April 2011 to 65% support at the ballot box a month later. And it wasn’t a Trumanesque comeback. It was truly epic and terrifying fraud. Using its direct influence over their jobs and salaries, United Russia gathered up university professors and ordered them to force their students, on pain of being flunked, to forge ballots and then travel around the city stuffing ballot boxes with them. Meanwhile cops and election officials blithely looked the other way. Ryzhkov believes that one-third of the votes cast for United Russia in the local elections — a mind-boggling total of over 100,000 in a region with a total population of just over one million — were illegal.

…and I thought my teachers were brainwashing the kids in college with feminist leftist dribble… this is what we had in extreme.