Political Settlement with the Taliban?

June 20, 2011

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has recently confirmed that “preliminary contacts” with Afghan Taliban guerrillas have been established, in the hope of working towards a peace deal with the various Islamist insurgent groups operating in Afghanistan, perhaps mediated by Pakistan.

Better to decentralize the government and the police and give power to local tribes. The dichotomy of Karzai vs. Taliban is thinking inside of the box. For America to end it’s occupation of Afghanistan the natural local alliances must be worked in.
propose the following decentralized substructure that works more along the lines of traditional organization of Pashtun society, drawing from the example of the long and largely peaceful reign of King Zahir Shah. His 40-year rule (1933-1973) was mainly due to a strategy of co-optation of and co-operation with village society.
Read the whole plan.  see how the mistakes in Afghanistan parallel the mistakes in Iraq