Bumbling Iranian bombers cavorted with Thai prostitutes before it all blew up

February 19, 2012

(Carl) Remember pictures came out after 9/11 of the terrorists out on the town with prostitutes? Well, look at this:

The three bungling Iranian bombers detained in Bangkok after they accidentally set off their explosives cavorted with prostitutes at a beach resort days before the botched attacks.

A photograph has emerged of the trio cosying up to sex workers, surrounded by hookah-pipes and drinks, in a bar in the notoriously sleazy city of Pattaya.

The revelation comes as it emerged police are now hunting for two more suspects, including a possible bomb expert, they think helped the trio as they set about targeting Israeli diplomats.

considering it was a botch job, this photo is going to look stupid.


Syria’s Grand Muft Shiekh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun said suicide bombers in the West are ready to respond to any military action against Syria.

October 11, 2011

(AlArabiya) “I say this to all of Europe, and I say this to America: We will prepare suicide bombers, who are already in your country, to strike you if you strike Syria or Lebanon. After today, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and the initiator is the aggressor.”“After the first rocket hits Syria, Lebanese and Syrian children will set off for Europe and Palestine, where they will be martyrs.”