Court Upholds Baptists’ Right to Proselytize (and Criticize) on Sidewalks at a Religious Festival

June 3, 2011
So holds Teesdale v. City of Chicago (N.D. Ill. May 26, 2011) (earlier ruling here), in a decision that is much like the one in the Dearborn, Michigan incident, though of course with a different religious group as the target:The Clerk of the Court is further directed to enter a declaratory judgment in favor of plaintiffs and against defendant City of Chicago as follows: A. Nine or fewer members of the Garfield Ridge Church may as a group or individually enter the public streets adjacent to and upon which any St. Symphorosa Family Fest is held, during the hours in which such St. Symphorosa Family Fest is open to the public. B. Such members may freely move about the public streets and distribute leaflets to others at the Fest. C. Such members may speak to individuals in attendance at the Fest but not use a bullhorn or other sound-enhancing devices. D. Such members may display one banner not to exceed four feet by three feet and may carry non-pole signs not to exceed three feet by two feet. via

The Constitution provides for freedom of belief, but not freedom of practice or expression of this belief. The Defendants got their 1st Amendment rights, but are still limited by how they practice what they believe.