Spain: Ruling Socialist party faces prospect of "humiliating", "crushing" defeat

May 22, 2011

General view of the Puerta del Sol square in Madrid on May 21, 2011 during a protest against Spain’s economic crisis and its sky-high jobless rate. Spanish youths furious over soaring unemployment kept up their week-long protest movement on the eve of local elections expected to deal the ruling Socialists a crushing defeat. (Getty Images)

Is anyone surprised?

MADRID (AFP) – A wave of nationwide protests against soaring unemployment and the economic crisis overshadowed local elections in Spain on Sunday in which the ruling Socialist Party faced the prospect of a humiliating defeat.

The same thing will happen here in the US in 2012, with the socialist-in-chief bleating about another shellacking.


Cuba dissident Juan Wilfredo Soto ‘dies after arrest’

May 9, 2011

How is that SOCIALISM working for you?…Mr Soto died on Sunday in the central city of Santa Clara, fellow dissident Guillermo Farinas told the Associated Press news agency. He said Mr Soto had been detained and beaten on Thursday during an anti-government protest. via

Work doesn’t pay: Child poverty in unemployed families in England falls but rises in working homes

April 24, 2011
Grim prospects:There are still almost four million children living in poverty in Britain - with more than half coming from homes where at least one parent works

Child poverty is rising among working families while generous benefits cut it for the unemployed, a report has revealed.
The study by the respected Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an indictment of Labour’s record in power – and casts doubt on the Coalition’s ability to deliver its pledge to ‘make work pay’.
It reveals that while the policy of lavishing benefits on the unemployed has helped tackle some aspects of child poverty, many working families have fallen behind.

Grim prospects:There are still almost four million children living in poverty in Britain – with more than half coming from homes where at least one parent works

Child poverty in workless families fell in 2008/9 to 1.6million, despite the impact of the recession.
But during the same period child poverty among working families rose to 2.1million – the highest on record.

poverty graphic
child poverty graphic

Norway, PFLP and the Itamar killings

April 18, 2011
Israel has arrested two PFLP members for the Itamar killings. As recently as in 2009 the youth wing of a Norwegian political party raised funds for the PFLP.

Read about the PFLP association of the arrested youths here. Read our fact page on Norway and the PFLP. Excerpt below:
Rød Ungdom (Red Youth), the youth wing of Rødt (Red), raised funds for PLFP in the summer of 2009. See below for an unauthorized translation from Rød Ungdom’s web-site featuring an interview with their leader, Mari Eifring.

Rød Ungdom’s summer camp has a long tradition of collecting funds for political movements the organization is engaged in solidarity work for. Previously money has been collected for the Labor party of Kurdistand and the Maoist-party in Nepal. The collected funds from this year’s camp, which started on Utøya on Tuesday, goes to the Palestinian liberation movement PFLP.

We must recognize the Palestinian’s right to resist the occupying force of Israel. The situation in the Middle East is similar to a war, and you do not become a terrorist by fighting against an occupation, says Eifring. Earlier this year she travelled with two other representatives from RU to Palestine, and met among other PFLP’s parliament representative Khalida Jarrar (picture). – It was strange to meet a politician, a member of the Palestinian legislative assembly, who is counted as a dangerous terrorist.

There is an interesting interview with Khalida Jarrar on Al-Masakin news agency, where Ms.Jarrar among other replies to this question:

figures the Norwegian Nazi Socialists were behind this

bankrupted itself by backing the revolution

April 18, 2011
the irony of all the rich snobs
…who love the “artist” Banksy…
Viva La Suckers!!!

The_American_Revolution had been partly caused by the economic problems of two monarchies, England and France, the former of which began squeezing the Colonies in order to balance its own books, and the latter which bankrupted itself by backing the revolution. The British monarchy became a shell after centuries of internal conflicts caused in part by its constant need for new sources of revenue. The French Revolution was in turn caused more by a demand for financial accountability from a free spending monarchy, than by the grand ideas like Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite. Meanwhile America’s own earliest conflicts between individual rights and the Federal government, such as the Whiskey Rebellion, were caused by the government’s need for revenue.

With a massive rising national debt that threatens to consume the entire productive capacity of the United States, modern day America is going down the very same road as the Kings of France. And the process has been radically accelerated by the transformation of the role of government, from that of the “fence” around our rights, to the “provider” of rights, and beyond that government had also redefined rights as services. And just as it costs more to put a nanny in every home, than to hire a watchman for a single block, providing services takes government to a whole new spending level.

WE ARE FUNDING OUR OWN REVOLUTION! …which will execute us, like the French Royalty. Pompous dreamers who did not see they were agitating their own murderers. It was the French royalty who brought the court to the suburbs… where they could watch their top people… centralization that would lead to easy control. Viva that Revolution we are doomed to repeat over and over again. Call it a fight and then build the Panopticon, only to find oneself slaughtered by ones owns walls.

Palestine is a giant Welfare state

April 16, 2011

Oh and that Palestinian state they’re all lining up to support, it’s a giant welfare state.

from the World Bank report

The economic growth observed in West Bank and Gaza is arguably donor-driven… the growth is mostly confined to the non-tradable sector and reflects the importance of donor aid in driving the Palestinian economy…
Thus, growth is mostly confined to the non-tradable sector and probably reflects the importance of donor aid in driving the Palestinian economy. Israel remains WB&G’s largest trading partner, yet in the first three quarters of 2010, exports of goods and services to Israel were only about US$480 million in nominal terms…
Because of the need to fund development projects for which designated aid was not received, the PA was forced to increase bank borrowing and accumulate arrears at an unsustainable rate. Net domestic bank financing increased by about US$84 million, with gross borrowing of US$200 million, so that at the end of 2010, total domestic debt stood at about US$840 million, which may be close to the PA’s borrowing limits. In 2010, the PA paid close to US$23 million in arrears in net lending, but it accumulated another US$144 million in new arrears.

Total domestic debt twice as high as exports, an economy based entirely on soliciting money from the US and the EU. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Obama for Palestinian president. Oh wait, he is already.
And good news. Fayad wants another 5 billion dollars to create a Palestinian state. In 2007 he was asking for a billion euros and it’s done ‘wonders’.

By way of comparison, look at this 1938 footage of Jewish militia training under General Wingate

In less than a decade, they became an army and defeated the armies of most of the regional powers combined. In a generation they were considered a match for many European militaries. And that was before a cent of US aid ever came their way.
Compare that to the pathetic site of terrorist leaders like Abbas and Fayad carrying on a holy war for popularity and then demanding money for a state.
Finally Steven Plaut has an important piece on Lessons from the Ivory Coast at Front Page Magazine

The most important aspects of the crisis in the Ivory Coast are being overlooked or deliberately disguised by the Western media. One can read media report after media report without discovering the basic fact that the Northern Ivory Coast “rebels” are Muslims. Indeed they are Muslims who by and large entered the Ivory Coast as infiltrators, through borders that are poorly patrolled, from neighboring countries. A better advertisement for stronger border control cannot be found. At least four million illegal immigrants, mostly Muslim, entered the Ivory Coast during the past two decades, tilting the demographic balance there.
And these Muslim infiltrators and interlopers, increasingly backed by African, French and Western powers, are challenging the control by Ivory Coast natives over their own country. The sufferings and violence in the Ivory Coast may well illustrate what awaits Europe if it continues its own demographic suicide and if it continues to flood itself with Muslim immigrants.

Vanity Fair Blames Capitalism after Syrian Public Relations Vanity

April 3, 2011
…but seriously… the fact that “VANITY FAIR” is against CAPITALISM should be all you need to know about SOCIALIST influenced ideas. There is an elite in government and they are a hell of lot more VAIN then the rest of us!!

Vanity Fair fails to mention that they were the Vanity behind the Repressive regimes… in Syria. our American wealth that is mentioned in the “Vanity Fair” article as 1% would not pay for one year of our debt. In fact all the richest Americans would not build a city like Dubai. If you take the money away from the 1% of America… then the middle class fails to reap the benefit of the 1% which is jobs and Research and Development. It is very sad to see Vanity Fair obscuring the issue… when they were the public relations of Syria.

THE FAT AND THE FURIOUS The top 1 percent may have the best houses, educations, and lifestyles, says the author, but “their fate is bound up with how the other 99 percent live.” via