Slaughterhouse-Five: soft pornography, says professor Scroggins

August 11, 2011
A Vonnegut library offers banned book to students says Reuters. Up to 150 students at a Missouri high school that ordered “Slaughterhouse-Five” (the book was pulled from its library shelves), can get a free copy of the novel, courtesy of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, library officials said on Thursday. The Republic School District took the move at its April 18 meeting following a complaint lodged by local resident Wesley Scroggins in the spring of 2010.  According to this AP article, Mr Scroggins is “A Missouri State University professor who home-schools his children and petitioned successfully to ban the books.” Why a person who home-schools his children gets a say in the question of what books the school students can or cannot read, is ridiculous. The irony here is how useful a tool the book is today to justify a military venture and I’m sure this right wing home schooling fellow felt threatened by criticism of our military. If one has a historic reference where “Disproportionate Retaliation” was used against the NAZIS, then it could be ironically used to justify an attack in Afghanistan or Gaza. Censorship is a very poor response to ideas. For example when that fellow Anders in Norway went ballistic and people reminded me there were children in the Pro Gaza camp and that they were slaughtered, I said I was indifferent because I knew that civilians and children were victims in WWII in Nazi Germany as well.  The reason I knew this is that I had read Slaughterhouse Five.  I hope the so called LIBERALS in Washington State (home to facebook) are paying attention.  More on Mr Scroggins’ censorship here and here and here and here too and um here is the Neo Con Jew blog I found out about this at.