CNN was attacking NEWS CORP for the hacking scandal… but their shit stinks too!

July 23, 2011

James HipwellA former journalist for the Daily Mirror has claimed the News Of The World was not the only British newspaper involved in phone hacking. via

James Hipwell, 45, alleged the illegal practice was “endemic” at the Daily Mirror while he worked under the editorship of Piers Morgan between 1998 and 2000.
The irony is this what not something that was unique to Rupert Murdochs ventures. It was leaked because of the bigotry of the U.K. public against Conservatives, but now all of the liberal media will fall like dominoes. Rupert’s Fall is ALL MEDIA’s FALL


Germany: Turkish female footballer to host sports show

July 19, 2011

Hurriyet Dail News: Germany: Turkish female footballer to host sports show. Filiz Koç, a female Turkish football player who appeared twice for the national team, has been offered a position hosting a sports show on Germany’s Sky television channel, daily Milliyet reported on its website Monday. Carsten Schmidt from Sky television said they believed Koç had great potential and that they wanted to train her as a sports newscaster. (source) via Islam in Europe.

now that these Turkish ladies are in Playboy magazine… it appears the Burqa isn’t something they want to put on again. Yes… I thought of Porn. Apologies to the Mind Police.

Muslim Brotherhood is concerned about if News of the World Phone Hacks Violate U.S. Criminal Law?

July 14, 2011

Esam El-Erian: This must be investigated in America! There is this case in the U.K. about hacked telephones. 160 news people were fired.

Read the whole thing. h/t

Did the “News of the World” Phone Hacks Violate U.S. Criminal Law?

July 13, 2011
James Murdoch.
James Murdoch

…Computer Fraud and Abuse Act extends to computers outside the United States in most circumstances. Here’s the key statutory language: the term “protected computer” means a computer . . . which is used in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce or communication, including a computer located outside the United States that is used in a manner that affects interstate or foreign commerce or communication of the United States;
Update: The Guardian reports that former NOTW editor Andy Coulson, who was forced to resign as Prime Minister David Cameron’s spokesman when the scandal deepened in January, has been told he will be arrested on Friday.

Faced with a rapidly snowballing phone-hacking scandal, parent company News Corp. has announced that it will shutter its News of the World newspaper, a longtime cash cow and Britain’s top-selling Sunday newspaper. James Murdoch, head of the News International division that includes the company’s U.K. papers, told staff that recently revealed actions by the paper — including the hacking of phones of murder victims and the families of deceased soldiers — were “inhuman.”
The closing of the 168-year-old paper comes as News Corp. is seeking a politically loaded approval from government regulators over its purchase of the remainder of U.K. satellite broadcaster BSkyB.

Andy Choudary Busted in France

April 10, 2011

Anjem Choudary banned in FranceHere’s the Sky News report on Anjem Choudary as promised earlier by Nick. It seems that Andy has got himself into a spot of bother with the Parisian gendarmes for protesting the implementation of the burqa ban:

Radical Cleric’s ‘Outrage’ Over French Ban
The radical cleric Anjem Choudary has been permanently banned from entering France, Sky News has learned.
The former head of the now outlawed group Islam4UK was stopped with a coach load of his followers as he arrived in the French port of Calais this afternoon.
He had been heading to Paris for a demonstration against the French Government’s controversial decision to ban women from wearing the burka.
The legislation outlawing the full Islamic face veil comes into effect on Monday.
Mr Choudary was detained briefly by French border officials, who handed him a legal notice informing him that the Minister of Interior had decided to deny him entry into France on a permanent basis.
The document cites his membership of the banned groups Islam4UK and Al-Muhajiroun, which he jointly led with the Cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed.
Bakri Mohammed, an extremist preacher originally from Syria, was banned from re-entering the UK, after he travelled to Lebanon in 2005.
Mr Choudary has also caused controversy with remarks he has made in recent years and protests he and his followers have taken part in.

There was uproar last year when he announced he planned to march 500 coffins through the town of Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire, a community which gained a reputation for regularly honouring British service-personnel killed in Afghanistan.
He wanted to highlight the ‘tens of thousands’ of Muslims who have died in the conflict in Afghanistan, but later called off his plans for the march after officials indicated they would not give permission for it to go ahead.
Mr Choudary said the decision to ban him permanently from France was an “outrage” as he had not broken any law.
He said: “The actions of the French authorities today will only entrench Muslims more in their belief that sovereignty must belong to God alone and any challenge against this will be resisted and rejected.”
While Mr Choudary’s followers were allowed to continue their journey to Paris, he was placed back on a ferry to Dover.
His passport was confiscated and handed to the ferry’s skipper to give to the UK authorities on his arrival back in Dover.
The cleric has told Sky News he plans another protest against the banning of the Burka by the French on Monday, but because of the new ban on him entering France, the protest will take place outside the French embassy in London instead.