When a man loses patience

July 19, 2011

but gender determination in birds could be tricky, says Simply Jews…Yes but…

…Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient.


Jew’s Ear Juice for Sale in Shanghai

August 29, 2010

jews-ear-juiceThe Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai recently was surprised to discover on the shelves of a local supermarket chain a canned beverage called “The Jew’s Ear Juice.”
 The drink is made of a black mushroom which does resemble a wrinkled ear.
 Israel’s Consul-General in Shanghai Jackie Eldan stressed that this was not a case of anti-Semitism, as Judaism is considered in China a synonym of success.
 According to Eldan, the juice’s manufacturer must have thought that linking it to the Jewish ear would be profitable.

Me Chinese, Me Play Joke… Me Put Jew Juice in a Coke. KILL THE JUICE!


March 28, 2010

According to the interview, Sandra Bullock is happy to become pregnant, but that is not the only way she is thinking about becoming a mother.This one really stumped me. Is there any other way to become a mother?

via simplyjews.blogspot.com 3/27/10

If Sandra Bullock were to get pregnant she would be placing the producing and acting career she has worked so hard to build on the back burner for a while, at least. The relationship between Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James is primed and ready for a pregnancy but only time will tell if the couple is able to conceive and bring a baby into the world in the natural manner. via babymed.com

by Hollywood terms anything is possible! Even bringing more children into this situation

And here’s the other woman: (one of the many)Michelle (Bombshell) McGee is that tattoo model whose reported  affair with James has rocked Bullock's marriage. CLICK PIC FOR MORE  PHOTOS.

I could probably handle a small tattoo on a woman, but that seems a bit extreme. via j-walkblog.com

Former porn star Janine Lindemulder told InTouch magazine that Sandra Bullock's husband is "a chronic cheater."
Michelle (Bombshell) McGee is that tattoo model whose reported affair with James has rocked Bullock’s marriage.

The Ex of Michelle (Bombshell) McGee filed for full custody of their son

Bad boy biker Jesse James – the man who allegedly cheated on America’s Sweetheart – just can’t help himself, according to his ex-wife.
Former porn star Janine Lindemulder told In Touch magazine that Sandra Bullock‘s husband is “a chronic cheater.”
“I feel sorry for Sandra because she was so in love with Jesse that she was blind and gullible,” said Lindemulder, 41, who is in a halfway house in Oregon after being charged with tax evasion.
“[Bullock] once said, ‘I finally have a man who has my back.’ And all I could think was, ‘No, you have this man who does it behind your back,'” she said.
James, who married the Oscar-winning Bullock in 2005, reportedly had an 11-month affair with a tattooed stripper from San Diego named Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.
Bullock, 45, has been in hiding since the affair was made public last week, cancelling two overseas premieres for her movie, “The Blind Side.”

Lindemulder, who has a daughter with James, said he first cheated on her just weeks after they were married in 2002.
She said she caught him when he sent her a text message intended for another woman. She said James, 40, continued to pursue her – even after they divorced and he began dating Bullock.
“I remember at one point, about six months after he started dating Sandra, when he asked me to come by the [motorcycle] shop,” she recalled.

“I told him, ‘No way.’ Later, he texted me, ‘Thank God you didn’t come by, because we would have been bad.'”
But Lindemulder said she had phone sex with James. “His famous line was, ‘Tell me something nice,'” she said.
“He would say he’d had a rough day and wanted you to tell him something nice. It was hard to say no to the guy.”
Janine says she was “shocked” to hear that James married Bullock.
Two weeks after their wedding, Lindemulder said she got a call from her ex-husband.
“He said, ‘I want to come up to Oregon. I think I made a huge mistake,'” she said.
James issued a public apology after the affair became public, saying: “There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me. It’s because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way.”
Bullock and James denied reports they were hunting for divorce lawyers.
“Neither she nor her representatives have contacted or shopped around for divorce lawyers,” Bullock’s rep told People.com.

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