Facebook page calls for beating Saudi women drivers

May 26, 2011

If we created a facebook page like this for Americans do you think they would allow it? I’m guessing Sheryl Sandberg would enact a double standard that we have come to expect.

Media_httpdyimgcomapa_efjzaA campaign has been launched on Facebook calling for men to beat Saudi women who drive their cars in a planned protest next month against the ultra-conservative kingdom’s ban on women taking the wheel.
The call comes as activists are demanding the release of Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi woman who was jailed for defying the ban.
The page, titled “The Iqal Campaign: June 17 for preventing women from driving,” refers to the Arabic name for the cord used to hold on the traditional headdress worn by many men in the Gulf, advocating the cord be used to hit women who dare to drive.
It has drawn over 6,000 “likes” on the popular social networking website.
Some on the page proposed distributing boxes of Iqals to youths and encouraging them use them to hit women who participate in the June 17 protest.
One joked about the price of Iqals going up due to men buying them before the protest. via news.yahoo.com

Allah made them do it:
JEDDAH: Women in the Kingdom, fatigued by repeated cases of Saudi sexual harassment, are calling for a help line number.
Nawal Bukhari, 45, called for more security measures on behalf of all her Muslim sisters, saying it is imperative the law derives a method to protect women in emergencies.

Facebook sued for negligence over
“Third Intifada” page

Facebook is an interesting organization. One of the key people in Facebook’s current corporate structure is the COO who had previously worked for Google, Sheryl Sandberg. A recent feature story entitled Why Facebook Needs Sheryl Sandberg, May 12, 2011, gives a great deal of pertinent background.

The article paints a picture of a very well-qualified COO, who is a caring and concerned person, well-liked by associates. From Page 4: via bytheearlylight.blogspot.com

image via reretlet.tumblr.com


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