Ron Paul is the New GOP Front Runner

November 9, 2011

Paul’s straw poll victory is a shallow achievement at best, but it likely will keep him pushing forward in the primary struggle. That’s a shame, because it steals limelight from more serious candidates with an actual chance to win.

thanks Gloria. scare away the sex lynch mob. the media must be delighted with you. I’d like a Herman Cain Pizza and hold the twats. Allred’s bullshit client Bialik was nothing but a scarecrow. Time for some people to follow the money… right down feminist alley.


GOTCHA! Cain Accuser Took Happy Smiling Photo With Her Alleged Attacker at a Tea Party Event

November 8, 2011
Gloria Allred… better luck next time with your man libel

(Intolerant Fox)Sharon Bialek said she was embarrassed and scared when Herman Cain allegedly assaulted her in a car after a date. A month before she went public with this story she met with Cain backstage at a Tea Party event, hugged him and took this photo. Seems to me if you were assaulted by a person who tried to grab your genitalia while pushing your head into his crotch, you might avoid future body contact. But maybe she has PTSD which prevents her from being able to keep her hands off her alleged attacker.


Sharon Bialek and Gloria Allred do Herman Cain

November 8, 2011
wait a second… when did Gloria Allred have any credibility? more feminist hysteria at black conservatives. hearsay… why are these women coming forward now? this is money and politics… Gloria Allred has just introduced the nation to Sharon Bialek, also known as the fourth accuser to allege inappropriate sexual harassment by GOP front runnner Herman Cain. After a long introduction by Allred, Bialek shared shocking details about a meeting she had with Mr. Cain while he was the president of the National Restaurant Association, specifically claiming that Herman Cain reach under her skirt and “reached for my genitals.” The Cain campaign has already released a statement denying that Bialek’s version of events ever took place. Bialek retold the story of meeting Cain at a restaurant industry event in Chicago. After she had been terminated from a job at the NRA, she was encouraged by her boyfriend at the time to ask Mr. Cain for help in looking for another job. He agreed to meet with her, and when she arrived in Washington D.C, Cain allegedly upgraded her hotel suite, before things got far more interesting…allegedly