The neoconservatives were impressed by Israel’s modernism, but they assumed that it could be copied over to their neighbors and came to resent Israel as an obstacle for not playing a more meaningful role in their grand theory of history.

February 18, 2012

Computer generated “nanobot”

(…While outwardly the progressives see Israel as very modern, they reject it for not possessing the most vital element of modernism. Transnationalism.)

Shimon Peres, was quickly voted out despite wearing the cloak of martyrdom and has been relegated to a ceremonial office which allows him to explain his vision of the New Middle East dominated by Nanotechnology and free trade zones to foreign visitors who are impressed by this visionary.


Dhimmi President Peres hangs out with celebrities like Shakira and ignores Jonathan Pollard’s request to see his father before he dies.

June 23, 2011
…and now for a little grab ass…
As if catering to the Arabs actually work. Already Egyptians are saying…

Shakira must be boycotted! Which is just what a few new Facebook groups are calling for. Shakira is scheduled to give a concert in November in Egypt, and some Egyptians are calling for a cancellation of the concert. Four years ago, the pop star performed in Egypt at the foot of the Pyramids. via

dirty old man and a Lebanese whore… the man who practically put a gun to Yitzhak Rabin’s head by lying to him about Arafat and his goals.  Here he is with Media_https3amazonaws_bjbeiShakira. She says she is, “Proud of My Lebanese Origin”. Says “I am convinced that the road to peace has to be traveled hand in hand with education because that is the only way perhaps that we are going to achieve global stability and peace,” she told the AP. via and via and via
Shakira you Wrong, bitch!…The Arabs have enough indoctrination… Shakira can do her beauty pageant elsewhere.
…This is who the  President of Israel hangs out with when he should be on the phone to Obama screaming at him to do the right thing and free the hostage? …no not just Gilad Shalit.
Jonathan Pollard.