UNRWA quietly admits Jordanians sexually abuse Palestinian children

May 17, 2013

(EOZ) UNRWA published a booklet talking about how your sizable donations to that agency can help “Palestine refugees.”

Here is one of their suggestions:

$318,000 rehabilitates one school and provide its students with a safe learning environment

UNRWA aims to ensure that education services meet national and international standards and provide Palestine refugee children with a safe learning environment. The rehabilitation of schools premises, built in the 1960’s, is a top priority for UNRWA in Jordan.

Current safety hazards are weakened structures due to dilapidated columns, risk of falling debris, loose plaster in the ceiling, decaying lintels and seismic risk from earthquakes. An additional risk is the sexual harassment and abuse of both male and female children in school toilets, because of their location outside the main building.

Changes to infrastructure include the relocation of toilets inside school buildings and extension of the height of the boundary walls.

UNRWA schools in Jordan need to be better protected from…Jordanians? Jordanians who like to sexually abuse little Palestinian boys and girls?

Why isn’t UNRWA complaining loudly about this outrage? Why aren’t they insisting that these children be protected by Jordanian authorities? Practically all of Palestinian Arab “refugees” in Jordan have held Jordanian citizenship since 1950, how can such abuse be buried? No doubt the schools need better security, but how come UNRWA isn’t publicly insisting that Jordan protect her own citizens? (WHY?)

Jimmy Savile Abused 100s of Children @ the BBC While Under Mark Thompson CEO of The NYTimes today

January 13, 2013

Saville of the BBC was physically abusing hundreds of children–the youngest of whom was just 8–as well as many young adults whom he met through his high profile charity work at various children’s hospitals throughout England. The New York Times and Reuters are not keen to note who was the actual BBC chief during the end of Savile’s crime spree. As it happens, the man in charge of the BBC during the last seven years of Jimmy Savile’s life was none other than Mark Thompson, now the CEO of The New York Times. Thompson resigned as head of the BBC in September of 2012. Savile’s crimes began in Manchester in 1955, peaked in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and continued at a lower pace all the way until at least 2009, two years before his death at 85. The police report concludes that Savile committed 214 criminal offenses including 34 rapes or other serious sexual assaults across England. (MORE)

Washington DC Slut Walk Oxymoron

August 13, 2011
…A feminist fundraiser that was held at
a Washington, D.C., strip club?…
…Slut Walks Don’t Help Women!

…Slut Walk…Toronto

…It’s almost like these women are unaware that there is a “MANCESSION” going on! No I didn’t make this up… In feminist terms, the ‘personal is political’ refers to the theory that personal problems are political problems, which basically means that many of the personal problems women experience in their lives are not their fault, but are the result of systematic oppression. In this respect, Hanisch is drawing heavily upon Marxism – the focus is of individual struggle and onto group struggle.The theory that women are not to blame for their bad situations is crucial here because women have always been told that they are unhappy or faring badly in life because they are stupid, weak, mad, hysterical, having a period, pregnant, frigid, over-sexed, asking for it etc. The personal is political proposes that women are in bad situations because they experience gendered oppression and massive structural inequalities.
The irony is that today the feminists are denying the “Personal as Political” for everyone else! Anti-Jihadists don’t realize feminists are not that different from Muslims, however Feminists are more subversive and mainstreamed.
Magdalena Ivasecko, left, and Sierra Chevy Harris during the SlutWalk in Toronto, Canada, on 3/4/11

Protesters say they are reclaiming the word “slut”…

Heather Jarvis AKA
Pippi Longstocking of the

Now_they_are_coming_to_Washington_D.C.  With the government taking part in Social Engineering on a mass level, some men are not going to write a blog about it, men are going to react. (BUT WILL GET BLOCKED IN MOST POLITICAL FORUMS FOR SAYING THIS… and did get blocked). The pant suit crowd does not realize the violence they are releasing on themselves. Yes… the ladies are right in that they are getting raped.  but…

…Their solution is the cause:

…Boston organiser Siobhan Connors explained: “The event is in protest of a culture that we think is too permissive when it comes to rape and sexual assault. “It’s to bring awareness to the shame and degradation women still face for expressing their sexuality… essentially for behaving in a healthy and sexual way,”

Don’t Shoot the Messenger.  I realize that there are people (on both political wings) who think if you question the feminine victimization culture that you are the bad guy.  These people are wrong!

Why the Mancession is a PROBLEM for women. A Conservative Republican, blocked me for saying what is on this blog. I doubt he disagrees, but it takes both sexes to win an election and the GOP can not win without reaching out to the feminists.

when have sluts not been organized?

Bouncing is what Tiggers do best.

July 25, 2011

Congressman David Wu (D-OR), known for wearing tiger suit and comparing Bush administration to Klingons, accused of unwanted sexual encounter with teenage daughter of campaign donor

I won’t be stupid enough to say this guy is guilty. My blog is all about defending men from these kind of accusations that are usually libelous…, but I will revel in another idiot that obviously has issues with American policy and laugh at his eccentricity. BTW… In my experience when you have fellas that are strange like this and women complain… it usually is because they are innocent. The ladies don’t like having the penis of a retard in them… and they become ashamed and lash out in any way they can. That said… I hardly empathize, but I’d just like to point out that his strangeness in my book makes him more likely to be innocent then not.

(Reuters) – Democratic Oregon Congressman David Wu has been accused by a teenage girl of an unwanted sexual encounter, and has called the accusation “very serious.”

Don’t assume he had sex at all with the girl. She might just be paranoid of the wackadoo in the Tiger suit.

News reports said the young woman is the daughter of a campaign donor and high school friend of the seven-term Congressman.
The unnamed accuser is from Orange County, California and graduated from high school in 2010, the Oregonian newspaper reported.
“This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to a young woman and her family,” Wu, 56, said in a statement obtained by Reuters on Saturday.
Reuters contacted Wu’s office, but his spokesman declined further comment.
David Swanson, an Irvine, California attorney and spokesman for the girl’s family also declined to comment.
Wu is the first Chinese-American elected to the House of Representatives.
The Oregonian reported that Wu told his staff the alleged encounter with the teenager was consensual.
Several of his staff earlier this year listened to a distraught voice mail left by the young woman, accusing Wu of aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior, it said.
The newspaper did not name the young woman or its sources for the story.
Wu’s behavior has in the past drawn criticism.
In February he announced that he was undergoing psychiatric treatment after his staff complained about his erratic behavior in the run up to the November 2010 Congressional elections.
They said Wu had behaved strangely at meetings and had e-mailed pictures of himself wearing a tiger suit to staff. Several key staff members resigned following the election.
In 2007 he gave a speech on the House floor comparing Bush administration officials to members of a fictional alien race on “Star Trek,” saying “There are Klingons in the White House” sending “real Americans to war.”
Two Democrats have already announced they will seek Wu’s seat in the next Congressional election
via eye looking at some crazy dude

Come on, Rabbit. Let’s you and me bounce, huh? The wonderful thing about tiggers. Is tiggers are wonderful things.Their tops are made out of rubber. Their bottoms are made out of springs.They’re bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, fun But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I’m the only one. III’m the only one!

Obviously the Feminist Nazis at Feministing are OFF to a predictable rant

June 12, 2011

there were complaints on a feminist blog…

why did you use this video *on a feminist site* as a chance to air your ‘joke-stereotypes’ of Jewish women — as nagging, manipulative, overbearing shrews with poor health (and some connection to a ‘Jewish lobby’)? It’s totally gratuitous. via Kh-L comment @ feministing.com

here is the quote:

Because Jewish mothers like to bug their kids about hurrying up and getting married and giving me some grandchildren already before I die because I’m not going to be around forever you know my health isn’t what it used to be, and right now the New York state legislature is standing in the way of that.
 Seven years after founding Feministing, Jessica Valenti (one of the most well-known femisogynists) announced that she was leaving the blog she created. Besides being busy with other projects, she’s 32 now, which is like, totally old, and Feministing is only for young femisogynists. And everyone knows that 32 is practically grandma territory. And while Valenti said she would still be involved in an advisory capacity, her departure caused much sadness and sorrow among lefty feminists in the blogosphere. via NewsReal

the new staff seems to hit the Perez Hilton Gay Nazi crowd.

Late Night Entertainment

April 27, 2011

This is called PUSSY WHIPPED

April 24, 2011
…I welcome you to blame all men for your vanity. The Martyr Sex. Pathetic. If I were a woman I would be insulted. These spineless miscreants really think WARS were never caused by “Womyn”?  maybe in the Hollywood revisioned Helen of Troy… but the real story was probably based on a historical reality.  Do we really think women are some how capable of simply being merely victimized angels?  I wonder how many of these Feminized Alpha Male Yahoos were from Washington State?

If any one wonders how I came to resent feminism… or whatever the Womynists want to call themselves this week. It wasn’t the “womyn” who got me to the point where I could not deal with it anymore in a dialog. It was manipulative liars like the ones in this video.

h/t Isahiah62
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