Arlen Specter On Meeting Sarah Palin: “She Radiated Sensuality. Her Skirt Rode Above Her Knees – Not Short, But Close”…

March 28, 2012

Apparently she likes basketball players. might want to work out more.

(WaPo)(Weasel)Former Sen. Arlen Specter’s new memoir, “Life Among Cannibals,” recounts his party switch, votes for President Obama’s stimulus package and the health care plan. But it’s not just about politics. For example, in one steamy passage on page 156, he recalls riding on Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) campaign bus in 2008 with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. “She was a total charmer, very friendly,” Specter writes. “The few things she said were intelligent.” He doesn’t mention what they were, maybe because he was distracted. “We were sitting virtually knee to knee in the cramped bus,” he writes. “She radiated sensuality. Her skirt rode above her knees — not exactly short, but close.”


Palin Accused of really liking black people

October 1, 2011
Washington Post is making fun of the fact that Sarah Palin does not hate black people. In other words she slept with one before her husband. That is the hypocrisy that makes me proud to not be a feminist. We are not all the same. No man today would be ridiculed for sleeping with a black person before their marriage. The charge the left makes is that sleeping with athletes is against ethical behavior for a reporter… um? Ok… so she is how old? Does it seem like in the video above that she is some kind of Professional who is a mover in the industry? It isn’t a moral height, but the abuse she is taking makes me want to vote for her.

According to Tyson, having sex with a black man was something “white girls” had to do to “get that out of their system.

Do you condone this with your silence? @SpeakerBoehner @EricCantor #rapist #Palin #cons #teaparty #iamthemob #gop

(Washington Post) In “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” Joe McGinniss’ soon-to-be-published book for former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate, one tidbit, passed along by the National Enquirer, concerns former NBA player Glen Rice. Palin, according to the book, had a fling thing with Rice in 1987, while he was in college and she was a sports reporter fresh out of college and working at KTUU in Alaska. Rice was a junior at the University of Michigan at the time and their one-night stand occurred while he and the Wolverines were playing in the Great Alaska Shootout. Less than a year afterward, Palin, hockey mom and former basketball player, married her husband Todd. According to the Enquirer, Rice confirmed the relationship to McGinniss. And, because keeping score is important, Michigan lost, 79-64, to Arizona in the semifinals. The Wolverines finished third, beating Alabama-Birmingham. Rice was named to the all-tournament team.

Caroline Glick blasts NeoCons and explains the Jacksonian foreign policy model

August 13, 2011

THE NEOCONSERVATIVE preference for populist forces over authoritarian ones propelled leading neoconservative thinkers and former Bush administration officials to enthusiastically support the anti-Mubarak protesters in Tahrir Square in Cairo in January. And their criticism of Obama for not immediately joining the protesters and calling for Mubarak’s removal from power was instrumental in convincing Obama to abandon Mubarak. Between those who predicted a flowering liberal democracy in a post-Mubarak Egypt and those who predicted the empowerment of radical, Muslim Brotherhood aligned forces in a post-Mubarak Egypt, it is clear today that the latter were correct. Moreover, we see that the US’s abandonment of its closest ally in the Arab world has all but destroyed America’s reputation as a credible, trustworthy ally throughout the region. In the wake of Mubarak’s ouster, the Saudis have effectively ended their strategic alliance with the US and are seeking to replace the US with China, Russia and India. In a similar fashion, the neoconservatives were quick to support Obama’s decision to use military force to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi from power in March. The fact that unlike Syria’s Bashar Assad and Iran’s ayatollahs, Gaddafi gave up his nuclear proliferation program in 2004 was of no importance. The fact that from the outset there was evidence that al-Qaida terrorists are members of the US-supported Libyan opposition, similarly made little impact on the neoconservatives who supported Obama’s decision to set conditions that would enable “democracy” to take root in Libya. The fact that the US has no clear national interest at stake in Libya was brushed aside. The fact that Obama lacked congressional sanction for committing US troops to battle was also largely ignored. Neoconservative writers have castigated opponents of US military involvement in Libya as isolationists. In so doing, they placed Republican politicians like presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin in the same pile as presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan. The very notion that robust internationalists such as Bachmann and Palin could be thrown in with ardent isolationists like Paul and Buchanan is appalling. But it is of a piece with the prevailing, false notion being argued by dominant voices in neoconservative circles that “you’re either with us or you’re with the Buchananites.” In truth, the dominant foreign policy in the Republican Party, and to a degree, in American society as a whole, is neither neoconservativism nor isolationism. For lack of a better name, it is what historian Walter Russell Mead has referred to as Jacksonianism, after Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the US. As Mead noted in a 1999 article in The National Interest titled “The Jacksonian Tradition,” the most popular and enduring US model for foreign policy is far more flexible than either the isolationist or the neoconservative model. According to Mead, the Jacksonian foreign policy model involves a few basic ideas. The US is different from the rest of the world, and therefore the US should not try to remake the world in its own image by claiming that everyone is basically the same. The US must ensure its honor abroad by abiding by its commitments and maintaining its standing with its allies. The US must take action to defend its interests. The US must fight to win or not fight at all. The US should only respect those foes that fight by the same rules as the US does. THE US president that hewed closest to these basic guidelines in recent times was Ronald Reagan. A Jacksonian president would understand that using US power to overthrow a largely neutered US foe like Gaddafi in favor of a suspect opposition movement is not a judicious use of US power. Indeed, a Jacksonian president would recognize that it would be far better to expend the US’s power to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad – an open and active foe of the US – and so influence the nature of a post-Assad government. For all the deficiencies of the neoconservative worldview, at least the neoconservatives act out of a deep-seated belief that the US is a force for good in the world and out of concern for maintaining America’s role as the leader of the free world. In stark contrast, Obama’s foreign policy is based on a fundamental anti-American view of the US and a desire to end the US’s role as the leading world power. And the impact of Obama’s foreign policy on US and global security has been devastating. Read the whole thing.
It will be interesting to see if Caroline endorses anyone in the Republican primaries. Note that the main principle of Jacksonian foreign policy is one that Obama has rejected: American exceptionalism.

The US is different from the rest of the world, and therefore the US should not try to remake the world in its own image by claiming that everyone is basically the same? There goes the Jeane Kirkpatrick doctrine.

Israel Importing Russian Prostitutes with AIDS to West Bank to Infect Palestinians

June 16, 2011

…it would be stupid to inject your prostitutes with HIV because what goes around… comes around. The Russians have not exactly shown bias between Muslims and Jews. Just look around the Haaretz newspaper office. Let me tell you about ’em RUSSIAN whores!

The Zionist regime [Israel] wants to spread the HIV virus among Palestinian workers to the Palestinian nation. Schahed Saad, secretary general of the Palestinian workers’ union said the Zionist regime [Israel] had imported 150 HIV infected prostitutes from Russia to the West Bank in hopes of them infecting Palestinian workers. (h/t Silke)

Update: It seems that this libel is not entirely new. 
In fact
, on March 11, 1997, the Palestinian representative to the United Nations Human Rights Commission charged that “
The Israeli authorities infected, by injection, 300 Palestinian children with the HIV virus during the years of the intifada.” Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. commission at the time was Yosef Lamdan. Lamdan condemned the accusation and said: “The Palestinian observer has never had a reputation for accuracy and integrity, but today he has surpassed himself. This is a blatant barefaced lie, an absolute and total libel. The product of a sick and infected mind.” 

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics recently held a seminar in which they discussed the fact that Palestinians were at risk of getting HIV “due to their daily contact with Israelis.”

In related news, Israeli scientists have developed a method that wipes out HIV infected cells without affecting the healthy ones. 

Palin Emails have no Weiners, death threats

June 11, 2011

On Sept. 17, 2008, Palin received a profanity-laced message from a Juneau resident saying she needed to be “shot from one of the planes that shoot [sic] the very wolves that you ordered.”

image via

Eager to be the first to post the messages online, news outlets dispatched reporters armed with scanners to Juneau for the 9 a.m. release of the e-mails, which were not distributed electronically but in stacks of printed paper.

Who Says Sarah Palin Can’t Think?

June 4, 2011
Not this Palin:

Palin has also been talking about foreign policy. In an extended on-the-bus interview with Fox News’ Greta van Susteren, Palin addressed a proposal for $2 billion in U.S. aid to Egypt. “We don’t have the $2 billion!” Palin said. “Where are we going to get it? We’re going to go borrow it perhaps from China? We’ll borrow money from foreign countries to give to foreign countries.” The problem would be far worse, Palin said, if the Muslim Brotherhood plays a significant role in a new Egyptian government and “our U.S. dollars go to support a government that perhaps will not be friendly to the American government.” via

…and no that image wasn’t Sarah Palin… it was just what came up on Google

btw: Unemployment Really At 16%

Really Sarah Palin, a 3rd Party, split the GOP Ticket?

June 4, 2011

Sarah Palin gave an advance warning to the Republican Party. On an interview with Fox last night, a tired Sarah Palin spoke in-depth about resurgence, a third-party being formed to run in the 2012 Presidential election. Because of the change in conditions last year,  the incumbent  GOP are resisting the movement of freshman conservatives that were elected in the November 2010 election, Sarah believes.
she is trying to bring the Paultards back to the GOP. they really are Dixiecrats and she knows it. Dixiecrats as in Democrats…you know the party that used to lynch Jews and Blacks. Ron Paul’s favorite pres was Garfield. many Conservatives in 1976 voted for Jimmy Carter

Maybe Sarah had too much pizza in NYC this past week with Donald Trump.

Donald Trump spoke after their meeting about the GOP ticket, running as an Independent. “I Could Win The Presidency As An Independent,” Trump explained at the Faith and Freedom Convention.   The reasoning behind the remark,  if Trump did not like the Republican nominee. Previously, Trump said he had no intentions of splitting the ticket.   Sadly, that would ensure an Obama 2012 re-election.  I wonder which side Trump is working for? Or is Trump craving for the spotlight to continue working for the liberal agenda of NBC?
What did I tell you? You obviously were not a Bloom County reader. I’d still have sex with Donald’s daughter… who is probably a really nice girl… who just happens to be pretty and I would of liked to of deflowered in a rude manner. Am I fired yet?

The National News outlets has begun their smear campaign in subtle fashion with Sarah Palin . The location Boston, MA, Sarah Palin “One Nation” tour stopped yesterday. Sarah  was displaying her knowledge with clarity  of Paul Revere midnight journey when asked by a reporter.  Brain Williams took a cheap shot at Palin at the conclusion of his story on NBC last night.
Sorry Brian, Sarah was correct.  Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride.
Oh, how soon we forget the Law Prof Obama mistakes of 57 States and the difference between of Memorial and Veteran’s Day.

All apologies will be accepted from the left  pundits. The list is here.
This is the NBC original video with Brian Williams, listen to his remark at the end.

point is she knows the story and she made a slip by pushing her slant on it that her opponents disagree with and it isn’t that she is wrong… it is the liberals who went to school and got brainwashed instead of learning to think. Sarah is no dummy and people hurt themselves when they make that cla…im. It is a tried strategy to tie her to former Dan Quayle because he was a pretty boy who would get very angry when you would insult his I.Q…. but if anything she is very intelligent. Her problem stems from a need to reach out to the Ron Pauls in her party who are about to split the party in half… and I think we should let them. The Tea Party indeed is not worth keeping. The GOP is not about idealism.

she knew exactly what she was saying here… she was hoping to drop that historical slant… because she is right… and the knee jerk reaction on people against the constitution is not right.

actually…. if I remember correctly from what I learned… Paul Revere didn’t succeed in warning anyone… and the story is more mythological then anything