A backhanded expression of support for Israel from SF

August 21, 2011
that is why the world invented the bitch slap.(hint, hint) We don’t use it on girls!…SMACK!
The San Francisco Jewish Federation put out a press release about the Eilat attacks, that ended up being a subtle insult at the very state they claim to support:…We mourn the loss of life and injuries in Israel in the wake of a series of terrorist attacks this morning. It is reported that Palestinian gunmen attacked an Israeli bus traveling near Eilat – the first in a series of attacks that reportedly have left seven Israelis dead and dozens injured. Palestinian infiltrators from Gaza struck the Egged bus just after noon today, according to the Israel Defense Forces. Two additional attacks occurred in the same area shortly after the first – roadside bombs detonated as a vehicle drove past and another on Israeli troops, according to Lt.-Col Avital Leibovitch, the IDF’s chief spokesman for the foreign press. Crossfire between IDF forces and a cell of seven terrorists continued three hours after the initial attack, and some injuries have been reported, according to the IDF. Our hearts go out to our Israeli family, as the Federation remains committed to helping Israel to build a just, civil and inclusive democracy, and stands with the people of Israel at all times.
Does this mean that the SF Federation does not believe that Israel is already a “just, civil and inclusive democracy”? Does this mean that the Federation believes that Israel needs the help of enlightened San Franciscans to teach them about justice, civility and inclusion? This phrase has a whiff of smugness that does not belong in a statement of unconditional support. (h/t Ishai) via Elder of Ziyon.

The LGBT community is full of Anti-Zionism. If I show signs of frustration it has been a long time coming… and don’t bullshit me about San Fran not being Gay. I can smell a Palestinian sympathizing queer from 3000 miles away. They write plays like Angels in America. Sit on it!

Jewish groups blast ‘Foreskin Man’ comic book’s ‘overly anti-Semitic’ images on circumcision

June 4, 2011
Monster Mohel

Monster Mohel…A politically motivated comic book pitting a blond superhero called “Foreskin Man” against a sinister-looking “Monster Mohel” is causing a serious flap in California.

…Circumcision also under Attack in Finland and Massachussetts…

The colorful series was created by the “intactivist” group MGMBill.org as part of its campaign to ban circumcision through ballot initiatives.
The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is blasting it as overtly anti-Semitic.

Matthew Hess via drmomma.org

“‘Foreskin Man,’ with its grotesque anti-Semitic imagery and themes, reaches a new low and is disrespectful and deeply offensive,” Nancy J. Appel, ADL Associate Regional Director, said in a statement Friday.
The online series portrays a menacing-looking mohel – someone specially trained to perform the traditional Jewish circumcision ceremony – waving bloody scissors over a screaming baby laid out on a pool table.
Appel said the imagery invokes the “age-old anti-Semitic canards” such as the blood libel, the accusation that Jews ritually murder Christian children.

Matthew Hess, the president of MGMBill and the series creator, did not immediately return an email seeking comment.
His San Diego-based group has an anti-circumcision measure on the ballot in San Francisco‘s next election in November.

“We would have hoped those backing the anti-circumcision effort in San Francisco would know better than to use this type of anti-Semitic imagery to advance their cause,” Appel said.
“No matter what one’s personal opinions of male circumcision, it is irresponsible to use stereotypical caricatures of religious Jews to promote the anti-circumcision agenda.”
ndillon@nydailynews.com  LOS_ANGELES via nydailynews.com

Front page of 'Foreskin Man' comic, created as part of campaign to ban circumcision in California.
Front page of ‘Foreskin Man’ comic,
created as part of campaign
to ban circumcision in California.

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