Samantha Ardente: High School secretary suspended for being porn star

April 24, 2011

Samantha Ardente
(Credit: Pegas
Samantha Ardente (PICTURE): High School secretary suspended for being porn star
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Samantha_Ardente,a_Canadian_high_school_secretary, is waiting to see if she gets to keep her day job after officials discovered that she moonlighted as a XXX porn star.The Quebec City-area school board is now considering whether she deserves more than a suspension for cavorting in the movie “Serial Abusers 2” and other films.  The woman known as Ardente on screen was undone after a high school student spotted her in the porn video. The student tried to get her autograph – and she tried to get him to keep her secret. But, not surprisingly, her plea was rejected and the video spread like wildfire.
via /AP