Report: Clinton will be first foreign official to visit new Egyptian president

June 28, 2012

(h/t Many Faces)(Hill)Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be the first foreign official to meet with newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s Al-Ahram news website is reporting.
The site is quoting officials at Cairo’s airport for the report. A State Department spokeswoman said the department had nothing to announce at the moment but that Clinton “does look forward to a chance to go and consult with the new government at an appropriate moment.”

Saleha Abedin – the mother of Hillary Clinton’s closest aide (Huma Abedin) – is a close colleague of Egypt’s new first lady. We are sending our highest feminist and the sister of the Muslim Brotherhood (no… this is not conspiracy theory) to Egypt to work this out. Maybe we can talk Hill into bringing all of Code Pink with her.